Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nudist Resorts and Facebook - Study shows only 6% of corporate Facebook fan pages have 2000 friends or more

We've been active on Facebook for around a year. Facebook is very important for marketing and letting people know about nude recreation and the fun of nudism.

Last year we started a Terra Cotta Inn Facebook group. This April, 2010 we switched to a Facebook Fan page for our nudist resort. It has already grown to 1147 fans in 2 months.

I just came across a study about Facebook corporate fan pages. It says only 6% of corporate fan pages have 2000 friends or more. It said the median corporate page has 150 followers.

How does the nudist market compare on Facebook to corporate fan pages in general? Here at Terra Cotta Inn, we have 1147 friends in 2 months. AANR has 2 pages on facebook. One has 702 friends, the other has 1222 friends. TNS, (The Naturist Society) has 718 friends. has 241 friends, Nudist clubhouse has 225 friends. The leader is Skinbook has 3951 members.

So nudism is doing OK on facebook compared to the average corporation.

But, if you compare nudist facebook pages to fun pages in general, nudism is way behind. For instance one popular facebook page called Sleeping Naked has 178,000 friends. Nudist organizations and resorts still have a long way to go in popularity on facebook compared to some sites.

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