Thursday, February 24, 2011

The nudiarist blog is featured in the March H & E Magazine

I have always said that nudiarist is the best nudist and naturist blogger around. I always enjoy his posts. He is very sincere in his beliefs. I greatly respect him.

Well others do too. In the March 2011 edition of H & E Naturist Magazine in England, they had a full 1 page article about his blogging. It is in the Web Watch column. The article is not online. You can visit H & E Naturist's website by going to

Here are the highlights:

"One of the most popular naturist bloggers is Nudiarist...The blogger is based in the USA, so he therefore naturally comments on issues relating to AANR - and he doesn't pull any punches. His observations are astute, and go to the very heart of the workings of the organization. For instance, one of his blogs is headed "The crisis in nudism and naturism, and what YOU can do." It refers to seedy allegations surrounding Lupin Lodge, "a cornerstone of the nudist and naturist movement since 1936," which somewhat fly in the face of the family friendly image the AANR is trying to promote.

Nudiarist is pretty on the ball - when Skinbook closed down some months ago, he was among the first to comment. There are regular news updates and comments, all of which go some way to making the point that the internet and the wider world at large is hysterically worried about images of naked people...

There is much to read on this blog, but not all of it is very heartwarming. The writer is promoting and defending naturism - and he has garnered a wide audience, too... It's well worth a read, and is a very good example of how intelligent comment can be a force for good, and possibly a force for change. Naturist campaigners in this country might take a leaf or two out of his book."

Nudiarist, what would the British say? Pip, Pip, Good Show, well done old Chap! And from me a sincere thank you.

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