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Happy 1/11/11 from Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, CA - 11 Reasons to vacation here

Happy 1/11/11 everyone from The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in sunny Palm Springs, California. OK, I'm a day late posting this. But, taking care of guests at Terra Cotta Inn comes before posts.

Since yesterday was a unique date, 1/1/11 I thought I would give you 11 reasons to vacation at our unique nude sunbathing resort, The Terra Cotta Inn.

Here are the reasons:

1) Palm Springs has the best year round nude sunbathing weather in the US. We are a desert and average less than 3 inches of rain a year. Compared to much of Florida that averages around 70 inches a year, it’s no wonder nudists in the know only seek Palm Springs sunshine for their nude vacations.

2) We are the Best value nudist resort in the US. MSNBC in November 2009 had a TV show discussing nudist resorts. We were named the Best value in the western US. We have no hidden resort fees or secret membership fees. You are more than welcome to bring your own soda, beer, wine, or cocktails to drink here and save money. Thus, you don’t have to pay us $5.00 for a beer or $10 for a class of wine. Even our soda machine is only 50 cents a can. Plus, we give you a great free breakfast and free afternoon snacks, EVERYDAY of the week which saves you even more.

3) We are not just a weekend getaway. If you’ve been to other nudist resorts before, you will have notice most are just weekend getaways for the locals and pretty empty the rest of the week. I just read of one place that bragged they had people from as far away as a 3 and 4 hour drive go there for a New Year’s eve party. Well, we had guests from Canada, Australia, and all over the US at our party and they were taking 4 night to 2 week long vacations here. So if you are taking a vacation, we are the place to stay in Palm Springs! We are unique because we are popular 7 days a week, not just Saturday nights.

4) We cater to all ages which again makes us unique. We are like typical textile hotels and cater to all ages from the mid 20’s on up. Although since 1 in 3 people over age 21 is a baby boomer, we do have many boomer guests.

5) We are very romantic. Many nudist resorts cater to families with kids and lots of single men. We cater to couples on vacation. Thus, it is very romantic to leave your kids with the grandparents and getaway to be by yourselves and remember why you initially fell in love with each other. You don’t have to watch little kids running around screaming at the pool.

6) We’re the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time. Although probably 99.99% of our guests end up nude sunbathing, some women want the option of trying topless sunbathing first. We are one of the few nudist resorts in the US that allows that. Women love it here as we are so mainstream. They feel very comfortable.

7) We have the best massages in Palm Springs. ranked Terra Cotta Inn massages in the top 8 BEST in the whole Palm Springs area. Palm Springs Life Magazine in their Best of the Best issue in Dec 2010 ranked us #3 in BEST massages in the whole area. Both times we were the ONLY nude sunbathing resort recommended. Nudists who love massages, only go to the Terra Cotta Inn.

8) We were voted BEST Boutique hotel by Palm Springs Life Magazine in their December 2010 Best of the Best issue. Here’s the link: We were selected not because we are exclusive and snobby. No, we let other places claim that. We were picked because we are so friendly and the guests love it here. We have just over an 80% repeat guest rate which is one of the highest in the travel industry. Now best is selective. We are not the best at everything. If you are a wild, hard drinking weekend warrior or looking for a sex club, we recommend other places. Once a month we have people take tours here who are staying at other nudist resorts in town. They tell us they won’t stay at our place as they like where they’re currently staying because no one stays there midweek. They like the feeling of having a resort to themselves that no one else likes the emptiness. So, if you want to go to a nude place that is pretty empty all the time, don’t book here. We cater to fun, happy, social people.

9) We are located in the sunniest part of Palm springs, California. In winter we average 20-30 minutes extra sunshine compared to downtown Palmn Springs just 3 miles away. In summer, we average an extra 1 hour of sunshine as the sun sets on the lower part of the mountains for us.

10) We are the perfect size for a nudist resort. Most nudists are social and love to meet interesting people. We have guests from around the world here although most come from the US, Canada, England, and Australia. Most people don’t like big nudist resorts as they are too impersonal. it’s harder to meet other people. It’s like staying at large impersonal Holiday Inn. And smaller places are cramped. We’re the right size. We have 17 rooms on 1 1/4 acres and rent out a 4 bedroom house on an additional 1/2 acre. We are the perfect size where people can be as social or not as they like.

11) Everyone LOVES the Terra Cotta Inn. From Triopadvisor, to AOL, To New York Times, To Vancouver Sun, to Chicago Tribune, to the Travel Channel, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and way more. We receive lots of great PR. And they always pick us as one of the best nudist resorts in the US or world. But, best of all our guests LOVE staying here which is why we have the highest occupancy rate of ALL nude sunbathing resorts in the US.

So if you want a nice relaxing, fun vacation, give us a call at 800-786-6938. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

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We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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