Monday, September 29, 2008

Naked man in Canada denied a slice of pizza

What do you say to a naked man wanting to buy a slice of pizza in a Canadian city?

Answer - Thanks, but no thanks.

You always ready stories about what crazy people do when naked. Who knows, maybe this guy had the munchies? At least the police didn't taser and kill him like they did to a New York naked man last week who happened to be naked.

This makes the news because our society is so hung up on clothes. However, what if we were like Cap D'Agde, a nudist city in the South of France where 50,000 nudists vacation in the city every summer.

There you can go to the grocery sore, restaurants, buy Baskin Robbins ice cream naked and no one tries to arrest you.

Here's the story:

"COBOURG - A man wearing only black Adidas running shoes was denied service at a downtown pizza shop, on Friday, Sept. 26, at 9:50 p.m.

The naked man asked staff for a slice of pizza, but he was told to leave the store. Police were called, but were unable to locate the man.

He is described as early-30s, heavy set, between 5’10” and six feet, with short-dark-brown hair and scruffy-facial hair.

The investigation is continuing as he may have been captured by a surveillance camera."

For the full story click here

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

40 % off Palm Springs airfare sale on Air Canada

As the only nudist resort in the western US that caters to couples on vacation, we have guests from around the world stay here. Probably around 15% of our room nights year round are booked by Canadians.

And the press in Canada loves us (as do our repeat guests). This March, which is Canada's major media company had an article where they picked the best places in the world to go nude sunbathing. Our resort, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, California was the only nudist resort on the west coast that was honored.

Right now Air Canada listed a big 40% off airfare sale to the US that expires at midnight Oct 2nd.


If you have always wondered about topless and nude sunbathing, we are the perfect place for first timers as we are considered the most mainstream nudist resort in America.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Naturist church service cancelled due to threats - How Christian of the bullies

A Dutch naturist group had held a nude church service in June. They wanted to hold another one and promoted it on the web. That's when the crazy Christians decided to slither out from the rocks and threaten the naturists.

I had to go to a Catholic grammar school for 8 years. I remember learning that Adam and Eve where nude in the Garden of Eden until they sinned. Then they were forced out and had to wear clothes.

It seems to me that God was saying that nudity equals purity and clothes equals sin.

Of course the best part is I'll bet anything that the people threatening the naturist Christians consider themselves "good" christians too. I can hear them saying
"Hey Willem, let's go kick some naturist ass. But first we need to pray to god to make sure that we don't to give us the strength to beat them up."

Religious extremists make me sick.

Here is the story:

"Nude church service called off following threats

A group of Dutch nudists called off a special church service to be held in a nudist park after receiving threats, a spokesman for the group said Friday.

In June, the Christian Gan Eden nudists held their first church service at the Flevo-Natuur nudist park in Zeewolde in the eastern Netherlands and planned to hold a second service.

However, the group was hit by numerous emails and phone calls, many of them threatening, the Gan Eden spokesman said. The church service was called off and the group shut its website down.

"I do not understand the fuss," the spokesman said. "We are just a group of Christians who want to have our own church service."

For the full story click here

And if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Nudist cliche part of Ugly Betty TV Show

I have never seen the Ugly Betty TV show. Owning a popular nudist resort, we don't get a lot of spare time to watch TV. However, I do like that the actress America Ferrera is getting a lot of recognition in Hollywood. It is nice to see women who aren't size 00 sticks getting good TV and movie roles.

Anyway, I guess they had the season opener. And of course what happens, Ugly Betty gets an apartment that is a dump overlooking middle aged nudists meaning that having nudists in your apartment complex is a negative instead of a positive.

It would have been nice instead if Ugly Betty's apartment had nudists of all ages which is what real life is, and the conflict could be that they invite her to use the pool with them in the nude. That could have been a very funny conflict for her and put nudism in a positive light, instead of the negative light that they spun. In the last scene they could have showed her jumping into the pool leaving viewers guessing did she go topless or nude or not?

Oh well, at least they didn't do a nudist colony cliche.

Here's the story:

"...Betty also decides that she needs an apartment in the city and is sad when the one she is looking at is leased right before her eyes. She takes one sight unseen from the Realtor who tells her she has another one just like the she is showing today but only upstairs with a sexy view. Of course the apartment is a total wreck and the sexy view is of the nudist middle-aged neighbors. Betty uses her whole savings to get into the apartment and tried to fix the mess on her own but with no luck..."

For the full story click here

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last minute cancellation this Friday and Saturday Sept 26th and 27th

This time of year, it is very rare that we have a Friday and Saturday combo available for weekends as most people are taking a vacation here instead of staying just for a weekend.

However, for 1 lucky couple, youare in luck as we jsut got a cancellation for this Friday and Saturday nights September 26th and 27th.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations.

Feel free looking at our site at

We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

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Our nudist resort is mentioned by a movie website

A movie website mentions our nudist resort. You never know where you will get links and traffic.

This site was listing all of the upcoming film festivals and then decided to mention to click onto our blog if you are looking for a clothing optional resort.

Here is the post:

"Okay. Couple of quick festival updates. If you’re in the neighborhood, CENTIGRADE will be playing at the following;


The MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL - Northern California!



And the CANADIAN FILM CENTER has requested our presence at their WORLD OF SHORTS SERIES at the NFB Mediatheque - Toronto, Canada

ALSO!!! If you live in San Diego, you’ve got a chance to go see one of my favorite short films of the year, CUTE COUPLE by Courtney Balaker. It’s playing in San Diego THIS coming weekend!! And, if you can’t make it, spread the word to anybody hanging out in Southern California this weekend. It’s a great film. San Diego Film Festival. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

And for those of you looking for something in ‘clothing optional’ resorts in California, CLICK HERE

To see the movie site click here

And if you have been wanting to vacation at one of the best nudist resorts in the world, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Experts not always right - Nudist or not

Business Week has an article reminding people to not always blindly follow the advice of experts. When we first opened our nudist resort 13 years ago, many so called nudist experts gave us some advice on how to "successfully" run our resort.

The advice we were given was to cater to weekend business, have a bar, book lots of single guys because they drink a lot and our bar will be our major profit center, sell memberships and only have AANR or TNS members stay at our resort, book families with kids, and more bad advice.

Even non nudist experts gave us bad advice telling us that only Southern Californians vacation in Palm Springs, California so don't waste our marketing efforts trying to attract the out of state or out of country market. Because we ignored them, about 80% of our guests come from out of state or out of country and we are busy 7 nights a week, not just Saturday nights like typical small hotels in Palm Springs. Now small hotels and our hospitality industry is saying palm Springs should target the out of state out of country market.

Luckily, we ignored everything they told us to do and we are the most successful and popular nudist resort with vacationers in the western US.

Here is the story:

"Give Advice That Fits

Small business owners often take advice from well-informed, experienced people. After all, they can be quite compelling, as they seem to know better or to know more. When following such advice backfires, you can find yourself second-guessing your decision to listen in the first place. So when the stakes are high, it’s critical to balance others’ expertise against your own intuition.

Give yourself permission to reject expertise—no matter how remarkable its pedigree—that doesn’t pass that test. By checking advice for a good fit, and acting accordingly, your integrity remains intact."

For the full story click here

So if you have always wanted to stay at one of the best nudist resorts in the US according to, and many more publications, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vacationing at a clothing optional resort one of the things you have to do before you die

I have already reported on how vacationing at clothing optional and nudist resorts is one of the popular items on peoples bucket lists or things to do before they die.

People are just intrigued by the idea of topless and nude sunbathing.

We have had guests stay at our resort just for the reason that they can cross that off their to do list.

The funny thing is where the people thought they would try it once like parachuting, they end up loving our nudist resort.

Here the story is from a columnist at The San Francisco Chronicle, a major newspaper. Here is the story:

"Things to do before you die

I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, who had just returned from a clothing-optional, alcohol-free, vegan spa. She is one of the most un clothing optional alcohol-free-vegan-spa people I know, so I was highly entertained listening to her account of her weekend. "But you know," she said, after sharing the details, "as I said to my spa buddies, being naked in broad daylight is one of those things you should do before you die... so I can cross that off the list. But I love the idea of the list of things you want to do before you die..."

If you have ever wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is the perfect resort for first timers. We are considered the most mainstream nudist resort in America and perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time. This July, picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs availability for the week of September 22nd

High season is here at the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny palm Springs, California. We are very popular. We can even sellout midweek. This is our availability for the week starting Monday September 22nd:

Monday Sept 22nd - 4 rooms left
Tuesday Sept 23rd - 1 room left
Wednesday Sept 24th - 3 rooms left
Thursday Sept 25th - 2 rooms left
Friday Sept 26th - 3 rooms left
Saturday Sept 27th - Only the house is available
Sunday Sept 28th - 3 rooms left

Remember, this is our availability as of 1pm on Monday Sept 22nd, it will change with guests calling for rooms later i the week.

We have been having fantastic weather. Yesterday, we were 95F and low humidity.

We have day use available every single day. You are more than welcome to come from 10am to 5pm and get a great all over suntan for just $25/couple midweek and $30/couple on weekends. So as not to overcrowd the hotel, we just book 5 couples per day for day use.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

Don't forget to check out our home page at to check out last minute availability for the next 2 weeks.

We are the only nudist resort that caters to couples on vacation in the western US, so as you can see, we are busy everyday of the week. We are not just a weekend getaway like typical nudist resorts. So you don't have to come here on a weekend to meet other nudists and have a fun time.

Hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs.

European Style Sunbathing in Las Vegas

I have always contended that two of the biggest threats to legitimate nudist resorts are swinger/sex resorts pretending to be nudist resorts and regular hotels trying to get into the topless or nude sunbathing business.

A number of years ago, Carnival Cruises had topless sunbathing decks. We heard from guests that they were terrible as guys constantly were going to the decks and walked by the women gawking as they topless sunbathed. I guess a guy would tell his wife or girlfriend he was going to the bar or whatever, run up to the topless deck, stare for a minute or so and then walk down.

Las Vegas started topless pools for guests a few years ago. To make them sound more exotic, they call them European style sunbathing pools.

We have been to two. Caesar's topless pool which was terrible because it allowed so many single men into the pool area when we were there. The ratio was probably 8 or 10men to every woman. You could tell the female guests were the only reason for this pools existence. And Mandalay Bay's topless pool, which was much better as they restricted the amount of men that could go to the pool.

The Venetian had a topless pool that they closed saying no one used it. My guess is they were like Caesar's and packed in the guys.

Now the Rio has come up with an even worse idea for their topless pools. Having strippers at their European style sunbathing pools. This will give the idea to guys that women who like to topless sunbathe are no different than strippers.

Here is the story:

Strippers by the pool: Vegas casinos get sexier

LAS VEGAS – Brittany McClain spends her nights stripping at Sapphire gentlemen's club in Las Vegas under the stage name Electronica. By day she sunbathes topless at an adults-only pool at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

“My life now is, if I'm not stripping or at the pool, I'm sleeping,” McClain said of the new partnership between the Rio and Sapphire that keeps her busy day and night.

...casinos like the Rio, owned by Harrah's Entertainment Inc, are always looking for new ways to make money, especially in the current downturn.

“It brings the sexy angle to the casino business and that is what Vegas is all about right now,” said Sapphire Senior Vice President John Lee. “All of the casinos are trying to get gentlemen's club-type entertainment without actually crossing that line.”

Caesar's Palace, Mandalay Bay, the Mirage, the Venetian and the Wynn have also opened topless pools, but the Rio's Sapphire Pool is the first formal partnership between a casino and a strip club to keep its lounge chairs stocked with bare breasted women.

The idea is for the women to attract men who will stick around and gamble at the Rio's tables. The Sapphire Pool charges men $30 to $50 admission and is fenced off from the Rio pool, where the women keep their swimsuit tops on.

...The Stippers who frolic topless under the attentive gaze of the male guests also get incentives from the club and free poolside food and drinks. No cameras are allowed.

...The Rio and Sapphire say they would like to explore further opportunities from their partnership, including possible night-life venues, within the law.

For the full story click here

Now if you have always wanted to go topless or nude sunbathing, you need to go to a real nudist resort, not some sleazy Las Vegas topless pool. Our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is one of the best as picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clothing optional poetry readings

I am all for promoting the clothing optional lifestyle. And I love reading especially in the nude at a pool here in sunny Palm Springs. However, the idea of attending a poetry reading even if it is a clothing optional reading, to me sounds as exciting as watching grass grow. That is why I am happy this is a diverse world, there is something for everyone.

Here is the story from Canada:

"Poets get at the naked truth

They'll expose their emotions -- and themselves -- at fundraiser

As enjoyable as poetry readings are, I've often wondered how we might make them even more soul-stirring.

For me, the answer always was, "Hey, why not have naked poets?"

So you can imagine my intense pleasure on hearing about Poetry in the Raw: Covered. This literary spectacular, happening at the Victoria Event Centre on Sept. 29 at 7:30 p.m., has local poets reading poems -- both theirs and those of others -- sans clothes.

...How does it feel? "Unbelievably empowering," says Peters, whose day job is working as a government public relations officer.

...I didn't want to come off like a crass newspaper guy, but couldn't help asking straight off: Gosh, what's it like to perform poetry while starkers? After all, Peters and Thompson did it last year for the inaugural Poetry in the Raw event.

"Unbelievably empowering," Peters said immediately.

But scary, no?

Peters confessed, in the weeks leading up to last year's nude reading, she was a little worried.

"I'm not gonna lie," she said. "I was practicing in front of my mirror every night for a month. Getting up there naked, doing my piece ... It's a big deal. You suddenly have no defences. The clothes we wear kind of keep us intact. Naked, you can't hide who you are."

Yet how appropriate. After all, don't poets expose their very essences through their work? Why not extend that to their bods? In fact, the motto Peters dreamed up for Poetry in the Raw is "poets baring their souls ... and a whole lot more." When the poet is nude, she said, the body becomes an integral part of the performance...

For the full story click here

The line I like from this article is "Naked, you can't hide who you are." That is so true.

Nudists like saying that everyone is the same when you are nude. That really isn't true. If you are a jerk, you are still a jerk whether you are naked or dressed.

The difference is couples who vacation at nudist resorts are very happy with themselves and their spouses or boy or girlfriends. Insecure and arrogant people can't handle being nude around others. Neither can control freaks or extremely jealous people.

Thus nudism selects for happy people who are happy in their relationships. That is one of the reasons why once most people vacation at a nice nudist resort, they are hooked for life.

If you have ever wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. We are one of the nicest nudist resorts around. This July picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to manage work while on vacation in Palm Springs

People are so stressed out and overworked these days. They know they should be taking time off for vacations, yet keep coming up with excuses not to getaway.

Here is an article about how to enjoy your summer vacation. Of course your vacation will be enjoyed even more if you are naked in sunny Palm Springs. And this is good advice no matter what season you vacation in.

Here's the story:

"Ah, summer! The official vacation season.

...I found that few could actually conceive of unwiring from their smartphones, cell phones, and e-mail -- even while on vacation! I'm more disappointed than shocked by this response. According to, a "vacation" is "a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel" (my emphasis). Why don't wired addicts just call the alternative "workation"?

...Life is just too short for us to be checking e-mail while atop the Eiffel Tower or multitasking via iPhones from the deck of a cruise ship...

My attitude about vacation time is that it's perhaps my one and only sanctuary. The whole reason I take vacation is to recharge my batteries. When I go away, I bring no devices with me: no laptop, no cell phone, and certainly no BlackBerry (which I still resist owning). My general rule of thumb is that for every one week of vacation I take, I make one call to the office. My senior managers have my trip itinerary and contact numbers so they reach me if they need to. I've never been disturbed in over 10 years in this business.

Now, I'm sure plenty of ad people reading this article will say, "Hollis, you're living in some kind of utopia or your business must not be that big. There's no way I'm going a whole week without checking my e-mail or voicemail." In fact, when I informally polled my peers, most said just that: "Checking e-mail is so easy to do nowadays, why not?" and "If I don't check it while I'm away, I can't relax because I'm so stressed about all the work building up and waiting for me."

I don't mean to sound cavalier, but so what? Guess what, folks. There will always be work piled up and more work tomorrow, vacation or no. The fact is, we live in a time when we will never get all our work done. It's a matter of prioritizing and, to some degree, saying, "Things will find a way of working themselves out." Even if you check your e-mail and call the office every day, problems still have a way of cropping up. If there are minor crises, shame on you if no one's got your back so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

...That being said, if you find you crave true vacation respite but don't know how to begin to get it try this:

Hollis's Top Six Suggestions to Enjoy an Unwired Vacation

Trust and empower people around you to solve problems.

Plan for time off. For every one week off, start notifying people two weeks in advance of your intended absence. Let them know that you'll be unwired and who to contact while you're away.

Specifically ask for e-mail reduction (staff and clients). Have only essential e-mail sent to you.

Recruit an e-mail "scanner and de-junker" -- an underling who can help flag e-mail and delete obvious spam.

Head to a destination where connectivity is not even an option (sacre bleu!).

Don't bring any wireless devices with you -- for any reason.
Bon voyage...and don't e-mail me!

For the full story click here

It is sad, we hear all the time from guests who tell us this is their first vacation in "x" number of years because they are too busy at work.

Life is to be enjoyed, especially at nudist resorts. When you sit and daydream, you don't dream of more work that needs to be done, you think of fun times in your life, like fun vacations.

Now for those guests who truly can't live without their computers, we do have free wifi at our resort. You can use your laptop in your room or poolside.

If you want to have a nice fun vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Dear Amy the advice columnist has nudist envy

Many people are "wannabe" nudists. They would love to try nude or topless sunbathing, but are too nervous and afraid to do so. They go thru life like Dear Amy here having nudist envy.

Dear Amy who is an advice columnist was doing a follow up to an earlier letter to her from a woman who needed advice about vacationing at a nudist resort.

Here is the latest letter:

I'm responding to a letter from "Shy Nude." Shy's friends were encouraging her and her husband to join them on a vacation at a nudist resort.

I've never had a "buff" body, but in the'70s, I lived in and participated in a clothing-optional apartment complex in Texas.There were 79 units inhabited by families, couples, single men and single women of assorted sizes, shapes and ages (the oldest was in her 60s, the youngest a newborn). After the first 15 minutes of being nude, it felt like the most natural way to live.

No one pointed, snickered or made any untoward comments to anyone else regarding their physicality. It was a friendly community and the only place I've ever lived where I knew all my neighbors. (If you think about it, how many of your neighbors do you know?)

When I moved back into a regular apartment, I had to be careful not to open my door in the buff, and I could no longer enjoy going to the laundry room, loading the washer with all my clothes and then jumping into the pool.

Not a Buff Buffer

I love the account... in the clothing-optional apartment building...

I also like the thought of taking off all of one's clothes, putting them in the washer and jumping in the pool.

As someone who wears a turtleneck and chinos to the beach, I admit to having nudist-envy, though for a lot of us, public nudity is best considered only in the abstract...

For the full story click here

Reading her response, you can tell Dear Amy really wants to try nude sunbathing and nude swimming. She is obviously just too afraid of the unknown.

I am giving Dear Amy an invitation to come stay at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. You will find it the best, most relaxing, fun vacation you have ever had. We are a very nice resort. About 1 month ago, picked us as one of the best places in the world to go nude sunbathing.

And even if your not Dear Amy, if you want a fun vacation, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sheer clothing to be popular next year according to Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine reports that sheer clothing will be popular next year. Fashion designers are telling people that "less is more," and "It doesn't get any cleaner than a naked body."

If it doesn't get cleaner than a naked body, why not go naked? Obviously because then the fashion industry couldn't sell $500 sheer blouses and $1000 sheer dresses.

4 years ago, we were in Barcelona in the summer. One thing we noticed was on Saturday night, when you went out to dinner, how many women wore sheer tops to the restaurants. And they did not wear camisoles or lacy bras under the blouses like they would have here in the US. The women were braless wearing sheer tops. I would bet of women 30 and younger, maybe 25% of the women had on sheer tops. Women in their 50's and older, maybe 10% had on sheer tops. Now of course the Spanish don't go out to dinner until 10pm at the earliest.

The Spanish embrace the beauty of the naked human as it is legal to topless sunbathe at ALL beaches in Spain and some of the best beaches ones are nude beaches. So when you have a society that feel very comfortable with their bodies, it makes sense that when they "dress up" to do out to dinner, they still want to embrace nudity.

Here is the Forbes story:

How To Wear Nude Without Looking Naked

Front-row attendees at Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week were treated to a sheer spectacle last week as models strutted down the runway wearing see-through blouses, pants and dresses.

But these looks aren't just for show. Keeping with this year's less-is-more trend, nude-colored apparel and sheer fabrics are expected to be big hits both this season and next.

"The aesthetics are clean and not about ornaments," says Michelle Ochs, designer of Cushnie et Ochs, whose whole collection is dedicated to "the new nude." "It doesn't get any cleaner than a naked body. That's as raw as it gets." is returning to a focus on the body, says Susan Scafidi, fashion and retailing expert and professor at Fordham University Law School.

..."It's a bit playful," she says, "and with the dire circumstances right now in our world, we need some respite."

This fall and spring, there are a variety of peek-a-boo items and nude-toned pieces available for men and women, such as transparent blouses, sheer sleeves and cut-out dresses...

...There has also been a move to a more muted palate. While neutral flesh tones have been popular in footwear and makeup over the past several seasons, they are making their way to apparel.

"Nude is a nice alternative to stark white," says Scafaldi, "and more fashion-forward than boring beige."

...Still, buyers who attended the shows will take into consideration what will look appropriate on their customers, Morrison says. In the U.S., we won't see these sheer items worn alone, and for the most part, retailers will carry items that show off just a bit of skin.

For the full story click here

Of course in prudish America, women will not wear sheer tops alone. Europeans will though.

If you have ever wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

A Palm Springs vacation recommended by Domino Magazine

Palm Springs, California is the best city to vacation in. We are the sunniest city in the US averaging less then 3 inches of rain a year. When you compare that to Florida, the rainiest state in the nation averaging over 60 inches of rain a year, or Jamaica averaging around 75 inches of rain a year, it is pretty obvious why nudists want to vacation in sunny Palm Springs.

Domino Magazine is going to be doing a story about Palm Springs. Here is their preview:

"Palm Springs Coming Up....

I have to admit that I am rather excited about this next shopping trip. Am off to Palm Springs in September. I know that I have got to stop feeling like I am going on holiday but it just seems like too funny a destination not to get a little excited by. Am anticipating a lot of palm trees, pink drinks, kitsch junk shops and vintage cadillacs. If anyone has any Palm Springs delights to share please do."

For the article click here

Too bad they aren't going to stay at our nudist resort.

There is so much to do in Palm Springs besides nude sunbathing as Domino Magazine points out.

And if you have always wanted to vacation in Palm Springs and try topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breasts show packs them in down under in Australia

Women are usually the most nervous about trying nude sunbathing or topless sunbathing. What we have found out is most women don't mind if other people see their bare breasts, they worry about how they compare to others.

They all have seen the airbrushed, enhanced, photo shopped photos in Playboy and think all women look like that, which is 100% not true.

There is no "normal" looking breasts. They are what they are.

There is a show playing in Australia that is all about breast freedom. I sounds hilarious.

Here is the story:

"The best of the breast

Letting it all hang out … Busting Out!

A titillating comedy has audiences swinging in the aisles, writes Clare Morgan.

I AM standing in a packed auditorium, clutching my breasts and jogging on the spot while a lactation consultant, Nurse Hung Low, barks instructions....

More to the point, who knew that mammary manipulation could be so funny?

At first blush, the comedy cabaret Busting Out! sounds like the chicks' version of Puppetry Of The Penis. But where that was merely a collection of occasionally eye-watering dick tricks, Busting Out! is a celebration of womanhood, subverting the idea of perky perfection and reclaiming the breast from its oversexualised context.

Still, it is shocking when Emma Powell and Bev Killick first go topless after a lusty "Show us your tits!" from the audience. What follows is a frequently hilarious show that includes songs, sketches, tricks (the doughnut, the sniffer dog, the baby, the topless barmaid who serves shooters with her hooters), sketches and brilliantly conceived shadow puppetry (Batman will never be the same again) - all shown on a big screen for maximum impact.

Not bad for a show that had its genesis when Powell dashed naked from the shower to answer the phone and heard her left breast slapping against her body. "It was like ooh, the sound of one tit clapping," she says. "Breast applause" became a popular dressing-room trick until Powell, a talented singer who has appeared in numerous musicals and cabaret shows, including a starring role in the touring production of Mamma Mia!...

"People have always said to me 'Write what you know' and breasts have been in my life and an issue for me since I was young," says Powell, who was teased from an early age because of her ample bosom.

The result was D-Cuppetry: Dance Of The D Cups, which premiered at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2006...

She was persuaded to go on stage and, with Louise Steele, first went topless for a five-minute festival preview. "We had no idea how it would go down, so we did have a strong scotch beforehand. But it was great; they loved it."...

"I've never had a problem with nudity at all," she says. "To be in a show where I can be funny, dance a little, sing a little, act a little and get my boobs out, how good is that?"

Powell, by contrast, says she could never have done the show 10 years ago. "I'm actually quite modest by nature. But being late 30s when I started, I thought, 'this is who I am, there's nothing I can do about it'."

...Perhaps it's that empowerment that persuades some audience members to indulge in a little nudity of their own.

"We have had a 70-year-old woman get up and flash her tits," Killick says. "She'd come up on stage for the bra trick [where two women race to remove their bra from under their clothes] and I was telling her to get them out and after a bit of prompting, she did. The place went berserk."

Not surprisingly, audiences are predominantly female, with hen's nights generating a particularly boisterous mood. Says Powell: "The nights when it's 95 per cent women, it goes through the roof. Men love it too but it's just a different energy with women." The pair seem to have hit on a winning formula...

For the full story click here

We are all for anything to make women feel more comfortable about their naked bodies. Anything that counteracts the so called "women's" magazines that make you feel insecure unless you are a size 00 is good.

Now if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938.

Visit our site at http://sunnyfun.comHope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Are you a nudist - nudist video.

When I originally reported on this story, another nudist blog carried the link. Because of Google censoring all the nudist blogs, I guess that blogger got disgusted and deleted his posts. Thanks google for standing up for the Bill of Rights and the Freedom of Speech in America.

The writer showed a nudist video from Naked News. They had their naked news reporter at Haulover Beach in Miami, FL which is a nice nude beach.

One of the questions the reporter asks the nude sunbathers is "are you a nudist?" Now what "true nudists" will find astonishing is you have a naked reporter asking nude sunbathers and most of the nude sunbathers answer "No I am not a nudist."

I am not surprised by this answer.

I find this answer to be so true at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa. I'll bet the majority of our guests, would say they are NOT nudists. They just like nude sunbathing and being nude on their vacations. And they would never, ever be nude around their children.

Sorry I don't have a link to that video.

And if you have always wanted to go to a nice, safe, relaxing resort where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nude vacations very popular this summer

10% of Americans want nude vacations this summer according to recent survey

That is a pretty high percent. I know we have received more phone calls, e-mails, and bookings from first timers than ever before. This will probably the best year we have ever had.

Now I know many other nudist resorts have been struggling. Part of the difference is we are the only nudist resort that caters to couples on vacation out west. We are busy 7 days a week, not just being a weekend getaway like everyone else. Thus our guests cancelled their European, Hawaiian, and Caribbean vacations this year and stayed with us as we are the best value nudist resort in the US.

Another part of the survey showed 50% of Americans wanted a beach vacation especially in Florida.

It always cracks me up that people want to go to Florida in the summer or fall. It is the RAINIEST state in the nation and in the summer 3 of the 10 rainiest cities in the US are Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. Florida is best from December until April. After that it is just hot, humid, buggy, and rainy.

However, the tourism marketing machinery hums along fine in Florida convincing people who don't know any better that the rainiest state in the nation is the Sunshine state.

AANR does a great job on pr and sharing their findings with members. This story came from an AANR mass e-mailing. So thank you very much.

Here it is:

"Vacationers are looking for great scenery
Posted: July 6, 2008

A recent survey by the National Leisure Travel Monitor revealed this snapshot of how Americans planned to vacation this summer:

» 70 percent seek beautiful scenery.

» 67 percent desire to go to a place they've never visited.

» 50 percent want a beach experience, particularly in Florida.

» 40 percent want to stay at a hotel with a "casually elegant" atmosphere.

» 33 percent like theme parks.

» 20 percent want to go fishing, gambling or to a spa.

» 10 percent said they'd be interested in a nude recreation experience..."

The story came from on July 6th, 2008

And if you are looking for a fun vacation where you can try topless or nude sunbathing for the first time in one of the most beautiful cities in America, Palm Springs, California give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs, the sunniest city in America!

Megan Fox want sto film an entire movie naked

One of the sad things about owning a nudist resort, is I don't get to watch that much TV or movies and I start to lose track of curent TV and movie stars.

When I saw this story, I thought to myself "who is Megan Fox." I then learned she is the star of the Transformers movies and was voted this year, the world's sexiest woman by FHM magazine. Luckily I know who #2 was, it was Jessica Alba.

Since I originally printed this post at my original blog that has been censored by google, I have seen the Transformer movie. It was a cute movie. Mary Clare and I enjoyed it.

Reading a little about Megan Fox, it appears she is very comfortable being topless or naked.

In my opinion the more actresses and actors make being topless or nude appear to be very normal, the more popular topless and nude sunbathing will become.

Here is the story:

"Megan Fox wants to film 'entirely naked'

IN THE BUFF: Transformers star Megan Fox wants to film an entire movie naked, saying it would be 'beautiful'.

Transformers star Megan Fox says she wants to make a film in which she stars entirely naked...

She said: "I would love to do a movie naked - it would be beautiful. No one dares make that kind of film today.

"They did it in the 1930s in an arty way, so why not now?"..."

And if you want to go topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nude Beach vacation recommended by

There are so many websites out there. I never heard of before. Here is what they say about their site: - Travel with confidence
GG is a travel based opinion site for women going places
GoGirlfriend is where intelligent women go for travel information that matters. We inform, connect and inspire women to live their travel dreams.

Well today they are trying to inspire women to take a vacation at a nude beach in Florida. Here is the story:

"Florida Beaches Guide - Playalinda Beach

Move over wooden bangles and dangly earrings, we're shedding it all when we visit Playalinda Beach, a barrier island on Canaveral National Seashore. Yes, we understand nudism is illegal in Florida, but this is one beach you can shed your clothes and no one will notice - or care.

The most northern parking area of the beach is so secluded that nudism laws aren't enforced. You'll find a wide variety of visitors here from heterosexual couples to gay men to true naturists. If this describes you, Playalinda Beach should be on your (nude) vacation radar. If you're not into public displays of your body, Playalinda has a more conservative section along the parking lots leading up to spot 13..."

For the full story click here click here

Here is another example of the mainstreaming of nude recreation. A women's travel site recommending women to take a vacation at a nude beach.

Of course they made an error in their story. Nudism is NOT illegal in Florida, it is just illegal at most beaches. Why they did not recommend Haulover Beach, I'll never know.

Also why they didn't recommend Cypress Cove which is the best nudist resort in Florida and just minutes outside of Orlando I don't know.

Finally, why they recommended a summer vacation in Florida is beyond me. Everyone knows Florida is the rainiest state in the US in the summer. The National Weather Service says 3 of the 10 rainiest cities in the US in the summer are Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. And this summer the weather has been worse then ever in Florida.

Gogirlfriend should have recommended a nude beach in California. Or better yet, they should have recommended staying at our resort in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

So for your best vacation ever give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nude Sunbathing up to 2 hours per day reduces chances of cancer

The President of Italian Dermatology Association says sunbathing up to 2 hours a day reduces cancers and nude sunbathing is even better.

I remember a number of years ago when American dermatologists were saying no sun, it is bad.

In the above picture, Sailor shows you how much fun it is to nude sunbathe at our resort. sailor is a retired seeing eye dog and is Godiva's best friend.

My wife, Mary Clare is a nutritionist educated at the Univ of Illinois. She thought that no sun exposure was crazy as our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D which is a major anti-oxidant from sunshine. Humans evolved over 10's of thousands of years to create Vitamin D. And fortified vitamin D is just not the same as your own natural Vitamin D.

Our bodies evolved over 10's of thousands of years to maximize Vitamin D production. (Of course if you are a creationist, the earth is only 6,000 years old and man co-existed with the dinosaurs. This post is about science, so you can ignore it and go back to hoping that Sarah Palin wins so we get book burnings and creationism exclusively taught in our schools). One of the purposes of an anti-oxidant is to prevent cancer.

Now more and more researchers seems to agree with what nudists already naturally knew. The sun is good for you and protects you from cancer.

Here is the story:

"Sunbathing 'prevents tumours', dermatologist says
Published on the 17-07-2008A leading Italian dermatologist on Wednesday said sunbathing for up to two hours a day could cut the risk of developing certain cancers by up to 50%.

Patrizio Mulas, the president of the Italian Hospital Dermatology Association (Adoi), said people should not be afraid of soaking up rays since exposure to the sun is crucial to the body's generation of Vitamin D.

''The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the benefits of the sun, and sometimes an exaggerated fear of developing skin cancer risks doing more harm than good,'' Mulas said.

''Constant exposure for two hours reduces the risk of developing prostate, breast and colon cancer by up to 50%,'' he claimed.

Mulas explained that Vitamin D deficiency dramatically increases the risk of developing the three types of cancer.

A recent study by Boston University researchers in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology backed his claim that Vitamin D is beneficial for warding off prostrate and breast cancers in particular.

''Vitamin D also protects against infectious, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases,'' he added.

Mulas said that the body's need for Vitamin D changes with age, and that while 200-400 units suffice for the under-50s, people over 70 require at least 600 units a day.

''A good diet and exposure to the sun, even just ten minutes' walk a day, will provide 400-600 units of Vitamin D, which is sufficient for a healthy young person,'' he said.

An hour of ''total body'' sun is meanwhile beneficial for post-menopausal women to combat osteoporosis and prevent breast and colon cancers, Mulas said.

...Mulas said people who were unable to soak up the sunshine should make sure their diets were rich in Vitamin-D foods such as eggs, butter, liver and fish rich in Omega-3."

For the full story click here

Did you notice that the the doctor also recommended total body sun exposure.

If you want a fun vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing and get all the Vitamin D that you need, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs.

Nudist resorts vacations taking off

Nudist resorts vacations are really taking off according to a survey. Now they mention that Europeans are flocking to nude beaches. This is very true.

What you will find is in the US, we have some of the best nudist resorts in the world because we don't have topless and nude beaches here like Europe has. In Europe, most of their nudist resorts are not upscale like they are in the US, they are campgrounds. The reason is most hotels in Southern Europe already automatically allow topless sunbathing so there isn't the big need for upscale nudist resorts.

The article also touches on one of the biggest areas of growth in the nude recreation industry, the nude vacationer. I would bet if you asked 90% of our guests "are you a nudist, they would all say no." They just love taking vacations in the nude.

This reminds me of a TV film crew at Haulover Beach a couple of years ago, asking nude person, after nude person, after nude person, "are you a nudist." They all said no, we just like nude sunbathing.

Here is the story:

" uncovers the naked truth
Research reveals a trend towards nudity as increasing numbers of holiday makers prefer to strip off on the beach.

According to recent figures, participation in nudism is growing by 20 percent annually*. A recent poll from also shows that ten percent of its viewers would choose to leave their clothes behind on holiday.

If you’re among those anti-clothing travellers and would like to be fully stripped of your inhibitions by getting your kit off on holiday; follow’s latest guide to the world’s best Nude Beaches...

Those who enjoy the offerings of nude or clothing-optional beaches are referred to as either hedonists, naturists or nudists. However, you do not have to be any of the above to enjoy a skinny dip in your birthday suit. Sienna Miller and Britney Spears, who have been spotted on nude beaches the world over, serve as two fine samples of this fact as they certainly don’t fit the naturist category, but clearly enjoy some tan-line free sun.

The next set of rules pertains to behaviour. Gawking, photography, filming and lewd behaviours are not tolerated and will result in the offender being asked to leave. Many nude beaches are also divided into different sections including family, singles, couples, and gay so before you imprint your posterior into the sand, do a bit of investigation to identify your naked preference.

The advantages of getting your kit off are plentiful and include lighter luggage so no excess baggage charges, no concerns over shopping for a new beach wardrobe – good money saved during the current credit crunch, smoother skin as sand is a natural exfoliant, and if you’re in a couple stripping off is proven to heighten sensuality. There aren’t many disadvantages to going nude, but watch out for getting sand up your bum as things could get itchy, and try to avoid all over sunburn, ouch.

Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for says, “Although I don’t personally intend on swapping my bikini for my white bits anytime soon, I have encountered many a skinny dipper in my time and the most important piece of advice I’ve gleaned is that sunblock is essential, particularly for those with sensitive skin like myself..."

For the full article click here

And if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. This July picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nude Beach not approved at a New Zealand resort community

The city council at the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand realizes that topless and nude sunbathing is a major tourist draw, has approved nude sunbathing and created a legal nude beach there.

The city council at another resort community, rejected a topless and nude beach. Why, the mayor thinks people look better in bathing suits.

Listen major, your job is not to govern based on your own closed minded views, but what the citizens want. If you were Moslem, I bet you would want everyone to dress up in a Burkini like the picture above.

I for one am tired of politians imposing their own closed minded views thinking that they know best. Hmmm, sort of sounds like the McCain/Palin ticket doesn't it?

Here's the story:

"Sunbathers on Caroline Bay will need to stay covered up

PUBLIC nudity on Caroline Bay will not be an issue this summer.

While togs may soon be optional on the Kapiti Coast, they are definitely required on Caroline Bay, according to the police and Timaru District bylaw.

..Timaru mayor Janie Annear did not believe nude sunbathing would be a drawcard for the city.

Instead of enhancing a Riviera of the South image it was likely to put people off.

Nude bathing was unlikely to be aesthetically pleasing - clothes helped most people look better.

"I've always thought you should leave a lot to the imagination. Reality is never as exciting as illusion."

She said nudity was really a private thing...

Mrs Annear said that in 2007 the council went over the bylaws to consolidate them and decided that togs were appropriate at Caroline Bay.

"We didn't believe the public had the intestinal fortitude to cope with any more."

...Mid-South Canterbury area controller Dave Gaskin was unaware of any complaints of public nudity. If nudity offended, the police would respond.

Former Timaru woman Kaye Hannam is a member of the New Zealand Naturist Federation and editor of its magazine, Gonatural.

...Ms Hannam believed a great acceptance of naturism was healthy and the Kapiti situation indicated that "simple" nudity was not an offence.

Naturism was not about voyeurism or beauty but acceptance of people in their natural state, she said."

The major doesn't think it would be a drawing card. US the US as an example, Haulover nude beach is the most popular beach in Miami. Our resort has the 2nd highest occupancy rate of all hotels in Palm Springs. We also have one of the highest repeat guest rates in the whole travel industry at almost 80% repeat guests. Wholesome nude recreation is very popular.

For the full article click here

And if you want to go topless or nude sunbathing in a nice safe resort, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Nudist resorts and nude beaches popular topics

I just wrote last night how an ad we have on a Palm Springs tourism website is the most popular ad with the highest click through rate on the site. I don't kid myself, the reason is because we are a nudist resort and people love reading about nudist resorts and nude beaches. Although we are very popular, we do have the 2nd highest occuapncy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs.

There is a popular travel site called Each month they post their most popularly read posts.

For August, their 2nd most popularly read article was about nudist resorts and nude beaches in Andalusia, Spain.

Here is from the list:

"2. Top nudist beaches in Andalusia
Published August 1st - Here is a list of the best naturist resorts and nudist beaches in Andalusia, Spain. Shed all your clothes and inhibitions at one of these beautiful nude beaches in Southern Spain and give your body a perfect and natural all over tan!"

People just love reading about nudism and nudist resorts. As long as their are positive articles, more and more people will try it.

For the full list click here

And if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, and don't want to have to go to Spain, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nude beaches - Too much for kids?

A brave district council in New Zealand unanimously voted to approved a nude beach at Kapiti Coast.

Now all the "what about the kids" prudes are coming out of the woodwork.

First there will be signs where the nude beach is located. 10 year old kids don't go to the beach by themselves. They go with their parents. If the parents don't want to go to the nude beach they don't have to. there is plenty of other beaches to go to.

Next, kids love nude beaches. Go to Europe and you will see how much fun they have.

I will bet never once have these prudes ever been to an official nude beach. They are just fear mongers.

Here is the story:

"Beach nudity 'too much for kids'

Kapiti Coast District Council has come under fire for considering allowing nudity on its beaches.

The council regulatory management committee's unanimous endorsement of a staff recommendation to allow nudity along the 45-kilometre coastline - unless nudists' behaviour is deemed offensive or lewd - has brought strong criticism from a family-oriented lobby group and some residents.

Elaine Watson, who has a six-year-old son, said she did not object to restricted nudity areas, which could be avoided.

"I am not too worried about topless sunbathing but full nudity is a bit much for young kids. I would not be happy with them wandering willy-nilly along the beach..."

"The protection of families and the welfare of children has been cast aside in favour of so-called freedom of expression," national director Bob McCoskrie said.

Families stayed clear of nude beaches for a good reason, he said.

"They do not want their children being confronted by naked men and women.

"The rights of nudists to `hang loose' should not be at the expense of families feeling embarrassed or offended.

"It is completely inappropriate for children to be confronted with naked adults walking past or sunbathing."

"...It is clear from our legal advice that bylaws against nakedness are vulnerable in that they breach the Bill of Rights Act and recent case law says merely being naked does not make a person liable of causing an offence," Ms Rowan said.

"Lewd and offensive behaviour is a matter that is more appropriate for the police and they have the powers to act against it..."

"There have been people choosing to sunbathe naked from time to time and we have not received complaints," he said...

For the full story click here

It is a refreshing change that in an English speaking country, politicians voted to do the right thing instead of caving in to the right wing extremists.

What is also interesting to note is one of the woman interviewed said she was OK with topless sunbathing. I have always found that once women are comfortable with topless sunbathing, it is only a matter of time before they start to enjoy nude sunbathing. That is why we are one of the few nudist resorts in America that allow women to just topless sunbathe at our resort, because they always end up nude sunbathing by the end of their vacations.

If you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nudist resorts and topless and nude sunbathing

Non nudists always assume that nudists hang out in the sun all day long. Actually, we have found that a lot of nudists, no matter what their age, spend as much time in the shade as they do in the sun. That is why we have big market umbrellas around the pool for shade.

Here is an article about sun tanning.

"Sun Worship, Without Getting Burned: Six Tanning Myths

Even though we all know basic ingredients to prevent a sunburn—use sunscreen and avoid sitting at the pool between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.—many of us will still end up pink as a pig this summer...

1. You cannot get a sunburn if it’s cloudy out.
Sunlight consists of two types of harmful ultraviolet radiation: UVB, which is the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer, and UVA, which penetrates deeper into the skin, is responsible for the sun’s aging effects, and may contribute to cancer. UVB is only partially blocked by clouds and fog, so you can still get burned on an overcast day...

2. Using sunscreen is all the sun protection you need.
...The current rating system we are all familiar with, Sun Protection Factor (SPF), measures a product’s ability to provide UVB protection, not UVA. It is therefore important to look for a “broad spectrum” sunscreen that protects against both. Even then, sunscreen will not completely protect you all day. For example, an SPF 15 is supposed to protect you fifteen times more than your natural protection. If you can stay in the sun ten minutes before you are burned, SPF 15 will protect you 150 minutes, or about two hours...

3. All sunscreens are created equal.
Part of the controversy over the Environmental Working Group’s findings had to do with chemical versus physical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens contain compounds, like oxybenzone, which absorb the UV rays, while physical sunscreens have a physical barrier, like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which deflect the rays. Although the Food and Drug Administration and the American Skin Foundation think differently, the Environmental Working Group contends that the chemicals in sunscreens can break down within a few hours and may be absorbed by the skin, causing hormonal problems.

Whichever sunscreen you choose, it’s important to ensure it is broad spectrum. Since no one chemical blocks both UVA and UVB, sunscreens usually contain a mix of chemicals to provide protection against both. On the other hand, physical sunblocks (that is, those with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) always provide broad spectrum.

4. Tanning beds are safer than the sun and a great way to get a base tan before going on vacation...

5. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, you have it.
Though skin cancer is reportedly on the rise, it may actually be due to a higher rate of biopsies, rather than higher incidence of cancer. A recent study by an epidemiologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs indicated that doctors are performing more biopsies than they did six years ago, resulting in an increase in the number of melanoma cases. However, there have not been a corresponding number of deaths from melanoma, leading the author to conclude that doctors may be erroneously diagnosing melanoma or diagnosing a cancer that would have never progressed to fatality. If you are diagnosed—especially with the more serious form of skin cancer, melanoma—it may be a good idea to get a second opinion.

6. Sweat-proof and waterproof sunscreen will stay on through sweat and water.
I‘ve been in and out of the water and realized that after about an hour, waterproof sunscreen does not work very well. Even the so-called water resistant sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after about eighty minutes in the water... Since they will not last all day, a safe bet is to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours...

For the full story click here

The interesting parts of this story is it doesn't mention that recently more and more doctors are recommending people to be in the sun from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day because our bodies produce vitamin D from the sunshine and it is a major anti-oxidant and anti-cancer vitamin.

The other interesting note is the Veterans Department finding that there are more biopsies than ever before, more skin "cancers" then ever before, but no increase in deaths from melanomas. They think that there are misdiagnosis of cancer. I also wonder if doctors are paid more from health insurers and medicare/medicaid when they diagnosis a "cancer." Plus, I am sure they get way more follow up visits just to be "safe." Call me a doubting Thomas, but I bet that is what is happening.

So if you want a fun vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nudist resorts - People love learning about them

People are fascinated by clothing optional resorts and nudist resorts and love reading about them and nudism.

Our Convention Visitors Authority is currently running an ad campaign with Alaska Airlines at on the west coast. 49 hotels are participating. This is the latest click through rate for the hotels.

Yes, our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort was the #1 clicked on resort of all resorts on the website. What is even more amazing is the listings are done alphabetically, so we are the 8th from the bottom. (For instance Casa Cody has a lot of click throughs as it is one of the first ones appearing on the lists).

Also we are not even in all catagories like the Marriott hotel as they are also listed under family fun and golf getaways sections.

This just shows that people really want to learn more about nudist resorts.

Here is the click throughs:

The Terra Cotta Inn - Clothing Optional Resort All Markets 578
Desert Springs, A JW Marriott Resort and Spa All Markets 505
Casa Cody Bed and Breakfast Country Inn All Markets 477
Wyndham Palm Springs All Markets 454
Agua Caliente Hotel & Spa Seattle 367
Westin Mission Hills Villas All Markets 337
Hotel Zoso All Markets 250
Sea Mountain Inn Seattle 229
Hyatt Regency Suites Palm Springs All Markets 211
Hyatt Grand Champions Resort, Villas & Spa Seattle 204
Colony Palms All Markets 204
Embassy Suites Palm Desert All Markets 201
The Spring, A Natural Hot Mineral Spring Resort & Spa Seattle 194
The Plaza Resort Palm Springs All Markets 187
Rancho Las Palmas Resort All Markets 173
Vista Mirage Resort Palm Springs All Markets 169
Renaissance Esmeralda Seattle 150
Shilo Inn Suites Palm Springs All Markets 148
Parker Palm Springs All Markets 147
La Quinta Resort & Club All Markets 144
La Dolce Vita Resort All Markets 142
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Seattle 141
Ingleside Inn All Markets 140
Legacy Villas All Markets 126
Two Bunch Palms Seattle 125
Tuscany Manor Resort All Markets 123
Pepper Tree Inn All Markets 115
INNdulge Palm Springs All Markets 114
Homewood Suites La Quinta All Markets 114
Rendezvous Bed & Breakfast All Markets 112
Living Waters Spa Seattle 112
Extra Holidays by Wyndham - The Plaza Resort All Markets 101
Embassy Suites La Quinta Hotel & Spa All Markets 100
Courtyard by Marriott - Palm Springs All Markets 93
Sonoran Suites of Palm Springs All Markets 86
Doral Desert Princess Resort Seattle and 50% share of all other markets 83
Lake La Quinta Inn All Markets 75
Triangle Inn Palm Springs All Markets 74
Tortuga del Sol All Markets 73
Vagabond Inn Palm Springs All Markets 66
Shadow Mountain Resort All Markets 63
Comfort Suites Palm Desert All Markets 63
Miramonte Resort & Spa Seattle 61
Hampton Inn & Suites All Markets 59
America's Best Value Inn All Markets 55
Holiday Inn Palm Springs All Markets 49
Indian Wells Resort Hotel Seattle 48
Extra Holidays by Wyndham - Vista Mirage Resort All Markets 45
Quality Inn & Suites Seattle and 50% share of all other markets 44

And if you want to take a nice vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing at one of the most popular nudist resorts in the world, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A local Australian politician is against a legal nude beach

A local government official is trying to stop the creation of a legal nude beach in Australia.

You can always tell a prude when they say they are not being prudish.

Back at the turn of the century, the above picture was the typical bathing suit that women wore. Then some risque fashion designers came up with a bathing suit that showed a woman's bare shin, calves, and lower arms. People were scandalized. You would think that women were walking around naked the way people behaved.

These new bathing suits were banned at many public beaches for being too risque. I bet Ms. Blumel would have been leading the charge to ban this bathing suit in Australia.

Here is the story:

"Nude 'too rude'

“Buy your own place and put a fence around it” – that’s the blunt message from Cr Debbie Blumel and residents of the Mudjimba area to nudists who want to share their local beach.

After tabling a petition signed by almost 450 people opposed to nudists being allowed on Mudjimba Beach, Mrs Blumel said there was absolutely no reason the proposal by the Freebeach Association should be allowed...

“If they want a separate place of their own, they should raise funds as other clubs do, buy some land, build a fence, hire their own security and pay for the own lifeguards,” she said.

“Ratepayers and taxpayers should not be expected to pay for the whims of nudists.”

...Signatures against the idea were collected from people in the Mudjimba, Pacific Paradise, Twin Waters and Marcoola areas and Mrs Blumel said it illustrated “the local community’s strong passion against and genuine safety concerns over the proposed introduction of a nudist beach”.

“Local opposition to the nude beach proposal is not a prudish, not-in-my-backyard, reaction by a group of intolerant killjoys.

“On the contrary, the people I represent are sensible and thoughtful in their approach to most life choices, especially ones that impact on personal freedoms.”

Research into nude beaches had shown recurring examples of them being taken over by perverts who engaged in dubious behaviour, she said.

“These people represent a threat not only to the nudists enjoying their leisure, but also to other innocents in the nearby community, especially our children..."

For the full story click here

Being the "good" politician, Ms Blumel immediately brings up the children card. We can't have a nude beach because we have to protect the children. Prudes always play that card.

The other interesting comment is where it is reported "research" shows that nude beaches are taken over by perverts. If they truly researched the issue, they would have learned that legal nude beaches have much less problems than textile beaches. Look at Haulover Beach in Miami, it is the most popular beach in Miami. before it became a nude beach it was located in a high crime rundown part of town. Now the area is a major tourist draw. Personally, I bet this "research" is a total lie.

It is too bad that prudish government officials can interject their own closed minded agenda on the population. It happens here in the US too.

Now if you don't want to have to go to Australia to go topless or nude sunbathing, then give us, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Terra Cotta Inn has 2 rooms available this weekend Sept 12 & 13

Terra Cotta Inn has just 2 rooms available the weekend of Sept 12 and 13. The weather is supposed to be fantastic in the upper 90's and nice and sunny.

For those of you who don't have any vacation days left to take off of work and can only getaway on weekends, we have 2 rooms available this weekend Sept 12 and 13.

This is one of the last weekends we have available for just a Friday & Saturday night stay until the end of November unless we get some last minute cancellations.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations.

To check on our last minute availability, go to our site at Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our last minute availability.

If you have ever wanted to go topless or nude sunbathing at a clothing optional resort, we are one of the nicest and most fun. In July, picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world.

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Westjet Airfare sale ends Sept 10th at midnight

Many of the airlines are having airfare sales for the fall right now. Westjet just announced a big sale yesterday. You must buy tickets by midnight tonight MST.

Here is the info from their site:

"Our lowest fares are now easier to find. The next time you search for flights on, our new fare finder will display the lowest available fare for your travel date and each of the surrounding 28 days.

Book by September 10, 2008 (11:59 p.m. MT). For Canadian destinations, travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays until December 17, 2008. For U.S. destinations, travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from November 1 until December 17, 2008."

To buy tickets or for more information CLICK HERE

At this point Westjet is flying into Los Angeles airport (LAX). Come I believe November 18th, Westjet starts flying into Palm Springs (PSP) again until the end of May.

If you have ever wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing at one of the friendliest, most fun clothing optional resorts in the world, give us The Terra Cotta Inn a call at 1-800-786-6938 (toll free US and Canada).

We were just picked as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world by

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Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Southwest Airlines airfare sale ends midnight 9/11

Southwest Airlines wants you to take a vacation in Palm Springs this fall. Yesterday, they just announces a big airfare sale. Fares start as low as $118 round trip. Southwest flies into the Ontario, California airport (ONT) which is just 70 miles or a 1 hour drive fr4om palm Springs.

Here is the info from their website:

"Fall Fares for as low as $59 one-way!
Travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Sale fares may be higher on other days of the week depending on destination and length of trip.
Book by September 11 for travel September 30 through November 19, 2008. 21-day advance purchase."

To buy tickets "CLICK HERE

If you have always wanted to vacation at a fun clothing optional resort where you can safely go topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Because of all the rainy storms that Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico have been having all summer long, it seems no one is going to those areas for vacations this fall. We have had much more advance bookings than usual. So call us first to check on availability. Hopefully your vacation dates will be flexible.

Looking forward to seeing you in sunny Palm Springs!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Air Canada airfare sale to Palm Springs ends Thursday Sept 11th

A Canadian guest just booked and told me about a major airfare sale
just announced today by Air Canada. The sale ends at midnight,
Thursday, September 11th, EST.

Here is the link:

As an example Vancouver to Los Angeles is only $176 round trip. Now
there are some restrictions as to days of the week, plus taxes, fuel
surcharges, luggage fees (wait, your going to a nudist resort, you
don't need to pack much luggage) that are extra.

What is great about this sale is tickets are good until December
16th. So you can come here to Palm Springs anytime this fall for a
fun vacation.

Also, FYI Americans flying into Canada can take advantage of this
sale and Canadians flying into other cities in Canada can take
advantage of this sale.

I know not everyone can fly here this fall for a vacation, but
every time I list an airfare sale, I will always get a few e-mails
from Terra Cotta Inn guests thanking me for listing the sale as they took
advantage of it and flew to some other city. So act quick to get some
good rates.

Now because of all the terrible weather that Florida, the Caribbean,
and Mexico has been having with all the tropical storms and
hurricanes this year, it seems like everyone wants to book here and
we are already pretty busy this fall.

Make sure you call us at 1-800-786-6938 before buying plane tickets to
make sure we have availability for dates you are thinking about. And
the more flexible you can be on your vacation dates, the better your
chances of getting a room here.

We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

Our site is

To learn more about Palm Springs, California, the sunniest city in America, go to

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Topless Sunbathing and First Timers

More about topless sunbathing for first timers

At, I came across this post about topless sunbathing from a woman named Lizz. Here it is:

I totally want to do some topless sunbathing. It's so not my personality, I'm usually pretty modest, but I figure, it's Vegas, why not?"

We just celebrated our wedding anniversary at Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas in July. They have a topless pool there. It is pretty well run for a non nudist pool.

They call topless sunbathing European style sunbathing in Las Vegas to make it sound more exotic. The pool is 21 and over, so you don't have noisy kids like at most nudsit campgrounds and parks. That is good because if you found a babysitter for your kids, you don't want to have to listen to other peoples noisy kids all day long. Our resort is also 21 and over.

They limit the amount of men allowed at the pool, so women feel comfortable, and most women were topless sunbathing at that pool. This is contrasted to last year when we were at Caesar's and it was maybe 10 men to every women and the women felt so intimitated, most kept their tops on.

Now one of the downsides of Mandalay Bay's topless pool is there is hardly any shade there unless you want to spend around $350/day for a cabana. Also they don't have a high pressure misting system or salt water pool like we have at Terra Cotta Inn. I guess not all places care as much about their guests as we do.

We were there midweek and it was pretty busy. Maybe 60 men and 40 women were there. Unlike our resort, the people did not talk with other couples. They sat by themselves unless they already knew each other. Now we of course did talk to other people as we wanted to learn why people went to the topless pool at Mandalay Bay. We talked with some of the employees and they said on Saturday and Sundays it was mobbed and much more of a party atmosphere.

It was a warm day and without misters people kept going into and out of the pool to cool off which was great for us to talk with people.

We probably talked to at least 10 women, some with a husband/boyfriend. We introduced ourselves as owning The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. That easily broke the ice. We found that for everyone except for 1 couple, this was their first time topless sunbathing. The other couple had topless sunbathed at Mandalay Bay before.

All of the women did not intend to go topless sunbathing when they originally booked Mandalay Bay. However, their husbands/boyfriends encouraged them to try it. Every single woman said it was fun and they would do it again. For them, trying topless sunbathing was a spur of the moment decision.

We asked would you ever go to a nudist resort. All of the women said no. They told us nudist resorts were for old people (thanks mass media for giving that impression to Americans). They also did not want to have to go nude. All of the women we talked to were from around age 25-50. They liked the idea that Mandalay Bay's topless pool was clothing optional.

The women said they would try a clothing optional resort as long as they could just go topless sunbathing (not nude). That is encouraging. Like Lizz, who I quote at the start of this story, many women will give topless sunbathing a try as they think it would be cool and fun, but are not as open for nude sunbathing. That is one of the reasons we have always called our nudist resort a clothing optional resort.

We talked with 3 pairs of women that were there for a girlfriend getaway. At our resort, we rarely see girlfriends coming here for a vacation, yet in Las Vegas it is very common. The women also mentioned seeing the ads for topless sunbathing at Mandalay Bay and deciding to give it a try since they liked sunbathing.

All the guys we talked to said they would love to go to our nudist resort with their wife/girlfriends.

What we learned is there is definitely a market for girlfriend getaways that nudist resorts are not tapping into and a lot of women want to try topless sunbathing, they just don't know where to go to find a nice safe place.

Also, it seems if nude sunbathing were easier to get to like at Mandalay Bay in nice resort communities, more people would try it. Here in the US you normally have to trek hundreds or thousands of miles to find a nude beach or nudist resort. And Palm Springs is the nicest location for a nudist resort as we are the sunniest city in the US.

So if you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, picked us as the most mainstream clothing optional resort in America and perfect for first time nude sunbathers, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Topless sunbathing creates future nude sunbathers and nudists

Topless sunbathing creates future nude sunbathers and nudists.

Women are normally more nervous than men about trying a vacation at a nudist resort for the first time. One of the things we do here at The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa to make women feel more comfortable is we allow women to go topless sunbathing if they choose and then when they are more comfortable, they can go nude sunbathing. We find that probably 95% of women feel comfortable very fast and go nude sunbathing by the time they check out of our nudist resort.

We have had a few naturist "experts" tell us throughout the years that we are running our business wrong. They told us we need to be nudity mandatory at the pool as first timers will feel more comfortable that way. The interesting thing is these "experts" were always guys giving us this advice and they really didn't care how women felt as to them nudity manditory was more important.

I just read on a nudist forum that a naturist resort is going back to strictly enforcing their nudity mandatory policy at the pool. Here is what was written by a guy agreeing with this policy:

"They're enforcing the "nudity required" rules in and around the pools, which is becoming especially important now that the resort is seeing first-time naturists visiting (first-timers will be particularly uncomfortable when people around them aren't fully nude)."

There is a reason why we have one of the highest occupancy rates of all hotels in Palm Springs. Women feel very comfortable at our resort, especially first timers.
Women are never comfortable being told that they MUST be nude. In my opinion, that rule will backfire with first timers and that hotel will have a low occupancy rate from first timers.

We normally average around a 75-80% repeat guest rate. All of our repeats are nude at the pool. So our first timers see our repeat guests comfortably nude sunbathing at the pool and quickly become very comfortable nude sunbathing themselves. They don't have to be forced to be nude, they want to be because they are given a choice.

The only reason why a nudist resort might have to have a nudity mandatory rule that I can think of is maybe they have a low occupancy rate, so first timers out number the repeats.

If you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing at one of the best clothing optional resorts in the world according to, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Naturism award presented to Edmonton Journal writer

Our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional resort and Spa is a business members of FCN which is the Federation of Canadian Naturists. They do the same great work in promoting naturism in Canada that AANR does in promoting nudism in the US.

It is funny, since Canadians are a little bit more British oriented, they use the words naturist and naturism, where most Americans use the worlds nudist and nudism. Oh well, it is like the song "You say potato, I say potato...

Anyway, An Edmonton Journal writer won an award from the FCN and other Canadian naturist organizations (of course they have to have a french speaking organization).
She writes she is very proud of her award.

Here is what she has to say:

"Salad Daze
More Journal blogs
Meet the best nudism writer in Canada

Happy Nude Year!: When winter makes nudism a bit too nipply, nudists get their fix with a dip at the pool

I wanted to let you know, dear readers, that I have won a very special sort of writing prize. Not a National Newspaper Award, or a fellowship, or a grant. No, no, those are soooo overrated. The prize I've won is a specialty award, an exclusive sort of award that not just any old writer with a keyboard and a pocketful of trendy adverbs can claim.

Read it and weep: I have won the prize for: the best article about naturism in English to have appeared in the non-naturist print media in Canada during 2007. This award is presented by the Fondation naturiste du Québec in association with the Fédération québécoise de naturisme and the Federation of Canadian Naturists.

Yes, that's me! The Edmonton Journal's resident nudism beat reporter, Elizabeth Withey!

Note this prestigious award comes with a certificate and a $150 cash prize. Far out.

Honestly, winning this prize has made my WHOLE SUMMER. It truly has. I remember, shortly after I wrote the article so so long ago, that someone emailed me and said they'd entered my story in the contest. At the time, I thought, now wouldn't THAT be a hoot...and then I promptly forgot about it. Now, 18 months later....victory!...

Perhaps you've detected a trace of silliness, even mockery, in this posting. It is all affectionate teasing. I am actually quite proud of this win (and I'm not just saying that because I haven't yet received my prize money). It's an honour to be recognized with a writing award of any sort...even the Grade 10 writing award in rural Saskatchewan (yup, I nabbed that one too). So, thanks, FQN/FCN. Truly. I am chuffed. I love it. I mean, how many people can put "award-winning nudism journalist" on their CVs? It's terrific.

To read her story: click here

It is nice that this reporter actually participated in the nude swim and had a fun time. Ms. Withey, if you are in Palm Springs, you are invited to come spend a fun day at our resort. Earlier this year, picked us as one of the best places in the world to go nude sunbathing. So I hope to meet you someday.

And if you have always wanted to go topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 1-800-786-6938 (toll free US and Canada). Visit our site at

We have been written up at least three times already in the Edmonton Journal as Canadians love to vacation at our nudist resort.

Hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!