Monday, October 26, 2009

Airfare Sale on Air Canada to Palm Springs

I occasionally get e-mails from Southern Californian readers asking why do I post so many airfare sales from Canada to Palm Springs. But then, when I inform them that we book more room nights year round from Canadians, than we do Californians, they all go "wow we didn't realize that. You're right we always see lots of Canadians at your resort."

Many Southern Californians will pay maybe $5000 for a week in Mexico or the Caribbean, and not always at a nudist resort either (which can cost even more). When you ask them how was your vacation, they all say "all right". When we say why don't you save money and vacation with us like everyone else since you love it here on weekends, we get "Palm Springs is only a weekend getaway for Southern Californians. We can't brag at work if we take a week long Palm Springs vacation."

So here it is, Southern Californians will go vacation to parts of the world where it rains so they can brag about their out of country vacation, yet ignore one of the best nudist resorts in the world in their own back yard.

It is the weirdest phenomenon, the whole world wants to vacation in Palm Springs, and people from around the world fly here, but it is the hardest thing to get a Southern Californian to drive 90 minutes to spend a vacation with us. Go figure...

About 15% of our guests come from Canada. All of our guests love our Canadian guests.
This October ever day we have been averaging about 30-60% Canadians and maybe only 1 or 2 smart Southern Californian guests here. The rest of the guests have been from all over the US, England, South Africa, France, Germany, Sweden, Vietnam, and a few other countries if I check my reservation book.

So this is why I keep posting great Canadian airfare sales.

And here are the details on the Air Canada fall winter airfare sale:

"Fares are valid for travel until January 31, 2010, unless otherwise indicated.
Travel for fares shown is not permitted from December 17, 2009 to January 5, 2010.
Advance purchase and day-of-week restrictions may also apply.
Book by October 28, 2009, unless otherwise indicated."


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