Monday, October 26, 2009

All nudist resorts are unique especially on occupancy rates

In the textile world people know there are differences between Motel 6's and Ritz Carltons, between nice bed and breakfasts and Best Westerns.

Yet, in the nudist world so many first timers think all places are the same.

It is so untrue.

For instance, here in Palm Springs, we are the place for vacationers. We have guests from around the world stay with us and are busy everyday of the week. Our guests mainly come from all over the US, Canada, England, and Australia. If you enjoy meeting and talking with other nice, fascinating people on a vacation (not just a weekend), we are THE place for you to go to in Palm Springs. When we are full midweek book at a textile hotel and then stay here for day use.

We have discovered with first timers, when we tell them we are full, they almost always ask for the names of other places (which we give). We tell them now they will not be busy like us, so we suggest they come here for day use. We are amazed at how many people figure if we are popular, then that means all nudist places must be busy too. Most first timers don't believe us. When they come to take a tour of our place, they are surprised to see how busy we are.

We have always been the nudist vacation resort of choice in California.

I just came across and article written in a South African newspaper. We probably have 5-8 couples that live in Africa every year vacation with us. Most are South African. The reporter wrote: "In the end, it was midweek and there was almost no one there, except... and his wife [the owners]." To see the article click here

We are always busy midweek. People in South Africa that read that article now probably think no one goes to American nudist resorts midweek, that they are only for locals which is not true. It is too bad that the reporter didn't have a chance to see just how much fun it is to vacation at a truly busy nudist resorts instead of thinking no one goes to them except weekends.

When dealing with the media, I always feel you have to put nudism in a positive light part of which is showing that it is a very popular activity.

When we first opened, we ALWAYS told people when we were slow. Part of the fun of the nudist experience is socializing with other fun naked people. If you are by yourself at a nudist resort, it doesn't seem much different than being in your own back yard. You miss out on the fun experience of social nudism.

For example read the experience that a first time couple at our resort from Louisiana wrote on tripadvisor:
"We look back at the things we talked about before the trip and what we were getting ourselves into and laughed all the way home. We have been to many different places for vacations and have never been somewhere that the staff and vacationers were as nice as they were at the TCI. The People we met there will be the type of people we hope to be friends with for many years to come. We left there feeling rich with new friends from places like Washington, Canada, Arizona, California, S. Dakota, and Colorado." This is the true social nudist experience. This is what we at The Terra Cotta Inn deliver, fun, friendship, and a great nude experience. And that is why we are popular 7 days a week.

Now there are some people that do not like to be around others. We will get calls from people saying they want to stay here when no one else is around, we have to tell them sorry and recommend other places. That is what the hospitality industry is all about, making sure your guest have a great vacation experience, whatever their wants and needs are.

So if you want a fun nudist vacation, where you can meet lots of great guests, then stay at our resort, you will love your experience.

We are the perfect place for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

If you want a great vacation, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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