Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shades of Facebook - Almost every single photo on my blog has been deleted last night

Shades of Facebook. I woke up this morning and found almost every single photo has been deleted on this blog.

Now with this blog, I have never shown frontal nudity only implied nudity. As a few picture without people were left up, it is as if a google employee went through every post here with a hatchet and cut out the photos to censure this blog.

Very, very bizarre.

Of course it would be nice if someone from google would have e-mailed me about this situation.

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Nudiarist said...

I don't know, Tom, this doesn't look like you were censored, there appears to be a problem with the server. Have you checked your Picasa account to see if the photos are still there? If Google was going to censor you, they would have simply put up the adult content warning gateway page. Good luck getting it straightened out.

Steve (ALL NUDIST) said...

That IS odd, Tom. I tried sneaing around a bit to get at the pic but kept getting a Google notice that 'my server' is forbidden to access it.

I never did like Blogger, why not bail to Wordpress, they won't bother you at all. Cheap (or free), easy and flexible.

Good luck with this, hope your other sites fare better...

Tom Mulhall said...

I will check out wordpress. Thanks Steve. Tom