Saturday, April 30, 2011

Facebook sued by AOL Columnist because they called him a spammer

As everyone who has ever used Facebook knows their customer service sucks. Why? Because it is non existent. David Fagin, an AOL columnist has decided to sue Facebook because he got one of those infamous messages accusing him of being a spammer. In an interesting twist, he is suing for $1.00 to bring light to Facebook's not caring about their members.

Watch the video. It's very interesting.

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We have had photos arbitrarily censored and deleted by Facebook. For instance the above photo of Mary Clare has been deleted by facebook saying they don't allow nudity, yet, they allow the above photo of a model from a lingerie company.

Facebook says they don't allow hate groups. Yet do a search and you will see lots of "I hate Israel" and "I hate America" groups. And look up escorts, lots of escort services are listed as are sex clubs contrary to their rules.

Sadly there is no customer service to contact if facebook arbitrarily does something to your account except to go to the press or now sue them. That’s what art school’s have had to do, what breastfeeding groups have had to do, what breast cancer groups had to do, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx had to do, etc. Each time Facebook apologized. But, why do you have to go to the New York Times or other publications to get facebook to correct a problem?

I agree with David. Even if Facebook outsourced their customer service to India and the reps only spoke Hindi, it would be better than what they have right now, NOTHING!

Some people have said Facebook is free, so we have no reason to complain. Well, so is public TV, radio, ATT, etc. At least with those companies, we have other alternatives. Right now Facebook has no competition. If they don't want the government to step in and start to regulate them, they better start providing some customer service soon.

Finally, even if we don't pay, we are customers of Facebook because without the people interacting on the site, there would be no advertising revenue for them.

So Mark Zuckerberg, it appears you only care about money as you con't care about your customers. But just like you came along and surpassed MySpace, it may happen to you too someday that people are fed up with your not caring attitude and create a new social network to replace you.

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