Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Terra Cotta Inn Vaction Experience is Unique and FUN!!!

I just got this private message on Facebook:

"We spent our first [nude] vacation together at the Terra Cotta Inn for ________ birthday. It was fabulous beyond comparison, and you guys were absolutely hospitable.

You two are amazing hosts and we speak glowingly of you whenever the opportunity arises. Other resorts offer tennis, restaurants, parties and such (we've now been to several from coast to coat), but none of them compare to your level of warmth and hospitality. It really feels like a home away from home from the moment when you first arrive. In a nut-shell, you changed our lives for the better.

Here we are, almost three years later, AANR memberships in hand and with a different outlook on life. We live naked now, as much as possible...

In marketing classes, you are taught one of the words never to use is "unique." It is said that there are no unique businesses, thus it's an over used description.

Yet, as you can see by this e-mail we received we ARE unique. We average over an 80% repeat guest rate which is one of the highest in the travel industry. Nudists LOVE our resort.

The only people who don't like staying here are swingers, people who don't like others around or don't like talking to other people, snobs, and pretentious people. We always recommend them to another place in town. Happy, friendly, fun loving nudists love it here. First timers love it here too.

We truly are unique. Yes, there are other places out west where you can drop trou and be naked. But, none are as fun as the Terra Cotta Inn. And of course what our guest left off, is yes, there are other naked places that do have restaurants, are bigger, etc, but almost ALL are just weekend getaways. Who wants to book a week somewhere and have to go out Mon-Fri for breakfast, etc because you accidentally booked somewhere that pretends to be a vacation resort. How much fun is it to be at a place with multiple swimming pools and no one else around to talk with?

As the ONLY nudist vacation resort that caters to couples on vacation out west, we are busy and popular 7 days a week. That's why our repeat guests come from around the world to stay here although most are from all over the US, Canada, England, Australia, and Mexico.

So give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations or for information. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

Visit our site at http://sunnyfun.com

Visit our Facebook resort page at http://bit.ly/TerraCottaInnFBPage

Make this the year to finally say good bye to your funny tan lines forever.


Andreas said...

Palm Springs in the summer! The only way to survive is to be nude... just don't forget your sunscreen.

Tom Mulhall said...

Hi Andreas,
And the only other way is to stay here at The Terra Cotta Inn. We invested in a state of the art poolside high pressure misting/cooling system. We are the ONLY resort with that system poolside, so our guests are very happy.