Friday, December 16, 2011

50% off 1 day only Southwest Airlines Airfare Sale Today Dec 16th

A guest just booked and alerted me to this 1 day only Southwest Airlines airfare sale. Purchases must be made by midnight tonight, TODAY Dec. 16, 2011 for travel between Jan. 24 and Jan. 25, 2012 and between Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2012.

Click here for Southwest Airlines Sale web page

To come to Palm Springs you would fly into Ontario, California, LAX, San Diego, Las Vegas, or Phoenix on Southwest airlines.

Being Palm Springs' only nudist resort that caters to couples on vacation, you will get to meet lots of nice nude sunbathers that week as we are very popular.

Just this fall AOL Travel, UK wrote "Discover our picks of the BEST Clothing Optional resorts around the world." They picked Terra Cotta Inn as the ONLY nude sunbathing resort in the US catering to couples. Pretty cool. Nudists in the US and Canada pretty much know already that we're the only nudist resort out west that caters to couples on vacation. Now Europe knows too.

It's nice when the LA Times, or Los Angeles Magazine, or Palm Springs Life Magazine pick us as the best place to stay in Southern California, but this is even cooler when AOL England recognizes us also as the best place for couples.

And of course we're the best not because of being snobby. We're the best because we have the best guests. They have so much fun and are so friendly.

AOL Travel also wrote about Terra Cotta Inn nudist resort that we "are considered one of the best value nudist resorts in the world." So many nudists still way over pay for overpriced nudist resorts vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean because they don't know any better.

Conde Nast Traveler Magzine wrote "Luxury is no longer about spending the most money; it's about getting the best value." Yes, there are still many nudists that like brag about wasting $10,000 or more a week on a so-so naked vacation in Mexico or the Caribbean, and that's OK as there are still extremely wealthy people out there that enjoy wasting their vacation dollars, so they can brag to their rich friends how much they spent. To them they don't have fun unless they waste a lot of money.

And there are nudist resorts even in America that cater to the snobs and nouveau riche. Yet, for the other 99% of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Australians they still want value and we are the best value in the world as AOL Travel points out. And last year MSNBC and pointed out that fact too.

And Terra Cotta Inn is such a great value our rooms are all on sale in January. Weekly rates are as low as $859/couple/week including free breafast and afternoon snacks everyday. 2012 marks the 5th year in a row we have not raised rates.

So if you want your best, most fun nudist vacation. give us a call at 800-786-6938. We are the the ONLY affordable luxury nudist resort in the world.

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Hope to see you soon in sunny Palmn Springs!

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