Thursday, February 9, 2012

Web Pro News has an excellent article suggesting Facebook needs to review their nudity and breast phobia

As you can see, this photo was deleted from facebook for nudity, even though as far as anyone knows, Mary Clare could have been wearing a tube top, bikini top, dress, etc. behind the photo. It doesn't even show cleavage!

Facebook has long had this nudity and breast phobia and many times acts like 12 year old boys tittering in a corner looking at woman in old National Geographic Magazines. And since Facebook has no customer service department, there is no way to correct their mistakes or appeal decisions. I was banned from posting for 7 or 30 days, I forget which for posting this non nude "nude" photo.

Tumblr, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and many more sites are able differentiate between pornography and nudity, why can't facebook. They already know if you are 18 or older, and they even let facebook pages be 18 and over pages. So it shouldn't be hard.

Facebook says they don't allow hate groups too. Yet there is an I Hate Israel Site that has been up a while and a I hate the US sites. So basically, facebook doesn't enforce their rules except for their fear of nudity and breasts.

Even Web Pro News says lighten up facebook. See their link by clicking here

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