Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caliente Nude resort outside of Tampa Florida is king of PR

Caliente nude resort located north of Tampa has done some really good PR. Asking for a naked polling booth has given them world wide PR.

Of course they probably won't tell first timers that they book a swinger group once a month on weekends, but that is another story.

I congrats on their stroke of genius with this PR stunt.

Here is the story from an English site:

"Nudists want their own polling booth

A nudist reosrt in Florida has had a request for a naked polling booth for the US election turned down.

Naturists at Caliente Resort, near Tampa, asked Pasco County elections officials to set up a clothing-optional polling place for their community.

Resort spokeswoman Angye Fox insisted it was a serious request, reports the St Petersburg Times.

"It's about freedom," she insisted. "People take their civic duty seriously and in many cases nudism is a very serious part of their lifestyle."

But Brian Corley, Pasco's supervisor of elections, dismissed the request as a publicity stunt.

"I think they're just doing some marketing hype," said Corley, adding he heard there was a news release by Caliente touting its request.

Corley said the request came a few weeks ago, and there's not enough time to set up a new polling place for this election. Even for 2010 would be difficult, he said..."

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