Sunday, November 2, 2008

Naturist Club in South London

When I think of a naturist club, I think of a club off in the woods where naturists go camping.

However, this article is about a naturist nightclub located in South London.

The article is about how more and more venues are opening for nude recreation in England. Here is the story:

"London where the only rule is that everybody has to be naked. And when I write naked, I mean TOTALLY naked... And it seems that this club is having a big success. Always crowded. I didn’t know that London was hosting such a big community of naturists. So I’ve made some research, just for fun. And it seems that if you like to live and move free from your clothes, you can find in London naturist spas, naturist swimming pools… There is even a meetup group for naturist Londoners, so be ready for naked parties and events. I don’t think I’ll ever try that Naked Disco concept, but if you want to, why don’t come to London for a weekend and book a night in a lovely naturist B&B? I’m not kidding, it exists too…

For the full story click here

I tried to find more information about Starkers at I don't find much. Then I remembered, it was English so I went to which is the British google search engine. There I discovered that they rent out a nightclub once a month on a Friday to hold a nude party.

As much as I could see, it is on the up and up and is now listed in some London on line travel guides.

I wish them good luck. The more venues people have to try nudism, the more it grows.

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