Monday, January 25, 2010

All Rooms ONLY $99 on Super Bowl Sunday At Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs

Well it's official. Its going to be the Indianapolis Colts vs the New Orleans Saints. Looks like it'll be a great Super Bowl game.

You are invited to come to our FREE NUDE Super Bowl Sunday Party on Sunday February 7th.

At our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa here in sunny Palm Springs, California, we have the best FREE nude Super Bowl party in town. And best of all it is FREE for hotel guests.

We make home made pizzas, have lots of snacks, have lots of drinks and cheer on the teams. We have fun contests, free pools and more.

In the above photo, Norma who works here is practicing her cheers for the big game. She'll be here for the Super Bowl festivities.

You should hear all the oohs and ahhs from the guests. No, not for the teams scoring touchdowns, but for the fabulous football spread we serve.

We hold the party in our large living room, so the temperature is always perfect for watching the Super Bowl in naked.

And the only way to make Super Bowl Sunday better at the Terra Cotta Inn is to have a special rate. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday ONLY, ALL ROOMS ARE ONLY $99! Plus the free party, you can't beat it.

If you have always wanted to visit a clothing optional resort, now is your chance. We are considered the most mainstream nudist resort in the US.

We still have a few rooms left for the party. Give us a call at 800-786-6938 for reservations.

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We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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