Thursday, January 21, 2010

Victoria's Secret introduced the half -kini aka topless bikini

Wow, Victoria's Secret is getting brave. They are introducing what they call the half kini which everyone else calls a topless bikini.

Now of course women normally by the top and bottoms of a bikini and just wear the bottoms. But, this topless bikini is made so that it doesn't come with a top. It is meant to be worn bare breasted.

Now of course Victoria's Secret is in the business of selling clothes. And this is from a Spanish You Tube. It may only be available in Europe. The Spaniards aren't like us uptight Americans. On EVERY beach in Spain it is legal to go topless sunbathing.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, unique vacation experience.

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1 comment:

JohnO said...

I find it interesting that they stress the "half a bikini" part, but never ever show that she is topless.

Her hands or hair are always covering her breasts. In a couple of scenes her hands seem to be placed very un-naturally.

As you point out, this is the Spanish feed of YouTube and Europeans have much different attitude about toplessness.