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Travel Predictions for 2010 - Clothing optional resorts to increase in popularity

There is a great travel website called They just came out with their top 20 travel predictions for 2010.

A lot of the predictions apply businesses in the nude sunbathing industry.

Here they are:

"2010 Travel Predictions
January 1st, 2010 by George

2010 Travel Prediction #1:
Mid-market Travel Deals & Luxury On-Sale Travel Market explodes. Tom's comment, The nice nudist resorts in the US cater to the mid-market. The segment of the nudist industry that is suffering is the overpriced non nudist owned places in Mexico and the Caribbean. They've priced themselves out of the market.

2010 Travel Prediction #5:
Sorry, for this one…. Drug violence in Mexico impacts tourism. Tom's comment, many nudists I know will NEVER go back to Mexico for nude vacations as the places are so overpriced and nudists are afraid for their safety there. I also hear many nudists won't go back to St. Martin or Jamaica because of crime.

2010 Travel Prediction #6:
Hawaii begins a slow rebound. Finds ways to sell the experience giving vacationers a reason to go back to Hawaii. Tom's comment, yes you have to give nudists a reason to want to come back to your resort. Here at Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California we average just over a 75% repeat guest rate which is one of the highest in the travel industry. Plus, we are a nudist vacation destination where repeat guests from around the world want to come here instead of just a weekend getaway for locals like most places. Typically, according to Lodging magazine if a vacation resort gets a 15% repeat guest rate, they are doing well.

2010 Travel Prediction #11:
RV Camping Resorts begin offering Rental RV’s parked on the grounds so people can save the cost of owning. Tom's comment, a number of nudist campgrounds are already doing this.

2010 Travel Prediction #12:
Clothing Optional Resorts increase in popularity as people shed fake status and seek substance. Tom's comment, In December's Palm Springs Life magazine, the Best of the Best issue, we were selected as one of the 3 best boutique hotels in the whole Palm Springs area. We were selected as one of the best not because we are exclusive and snobby, but because we are very popular, and have the best most fun, friendly guests.

2010 Travel Prediction #13:
Day Spas evolve more into mini-resorts. Begin to provide resort experience. National chains begin to appear. Tom's comment, picked us as one of the 8 best day spas in the whole Palm Springs area. Getting fantastic massages at a reasonable rate is one of the reasons people love our resort. We have many guests come out for day use.

2010 Travel Prediction #15:
The world calms down a bit. Surly the terrorist must know that if Obama fails, the extreme-right comes to power.

2010 Travel Prediction #18:
Girlfriend & Best Friend getaways increase….Married couple getaways increase MORE!. Tom's comment. Married couples getaways are extremely popular among nudists. I'll never understand why so many nudist resorts still insist on catering to families with kids instead of couples wanting to getaway for romantic vacations. Girlfriend getaways is a major under served market in by the nudist industry.

2010 Travel Prediction #19:
Travel Agents learn that increasing their “on-line footprint” is the path to success. Tom's comment, all nudist businesses including ours need to increase our online footprint. There are still too many people in the world that would love vacationing at nudist resorts, but are not aware of what we offer."

To see all 20 of the predictions click here

If you have always wanted to stay at a clothing optional resort, now is the perfect time. Last Year, picked us as one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world and the only nudist resort on the west coast that was honored. Also last year, the Vancouver Sun newspaper in Canada picked us as one of the best places in the world to go nude sunbathing.

We are the most mainstream clothing optional resort in the US. We are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time. You do not have to be a card carrying nudist to stay here.

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