Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Northwestern University online student magazine recommends suiting up in your birthday suit

Contrary to what the press reports, we find more and more young people trying nude recreation and LOVING it.

Now, we have always been unique. Being a vacation resort, we have always had guests from their 20's to 70's stay at our clothing optional resort just like any other hotel like a Hilton or Marriott.

We encourage people of all ages to try a nice nude vacation. You will love it too. We are happy to see a Northwestern online magazine recommending nude recreation.

Here's the story from Northwestern Universities independent student magazine, North by Northwestern.

"Birthday) suit up!
By Ali Bruzek

It’s almost time for finals. Feeling like your brain has taken a hit? Maybe you should shed a few layers. Hank Hyena’s article, Get Naked: It’s Good For Your Brain, has created controversy on whether being naked really can do a body, and mind, good. Currently there are no studies linking brain benefits and nudity, but there have been some associations to a healthier life.

When asked, some students had no qualms about studying nude. “I wrote a whole essay butt naked on my boyfriend’s bed while he was at practice,” says Weinberg Junior Liza Engstrom...

So whether you’re baring it all or just a bit, here are some novel nudity tips:

Strip Away Stress
A study published in the Journal of Psychology in 1984 found that social nudists had a more positive body self-concept than those who were nonnudists...

“People talk about how it’s relaxing, de-stressing… and obviously there are benefits to more sunlight and vitamin D, of course,”...

“When you shed your clothes, you shed all of the stress in your daily life,” says Carolyn Hawkins, Public Relations Coordinator for the AANR.

Exposing Reposing
Sure, your footy pajamas are cute, but your skin could really use some time to breathe. The evidence is anecdotal, but most people sleep better naked because they feel more comfortable and as a result, have a more restful sleep...

In Nude Company
There are 275 nudist resorts across the country — including in the Chicagoland area. “The misconception in a lot of places is that you have to drop your clothes at the door before you come in the gate — that’s not the case at all,” says Mr. Williams. “You can ease your way in.”

And the general consensus? “Within 5 minutes of getting undressed, it feels like most natural thing in the world.”... the very least, you’ll save yourself a couple of bucks next laundry day."

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Northwestern is a great University. It's a Big Ten university.

Of course the University of Illinois is even greater. Why you ask? That's where Mary Clare and I met our freshman year. And of course that's where Marc Andreessen went to school. He is the designer of the Mosaic and the Netscape browser. Without browsers, the internet pretty much was for academics and government people. He really revolutionized access to the net by everyone.

Actually, Mary Clare and I both have a connection to Northwestern. Mary Clare is from Evanston where Northwestern is located. She worked at the Northwestern Co-op bookstore. She used to see Bill Murray there all the time as he was going to Northwestern and would stop in as it was a hang out back then for students.

I took maybe 3-5 business classes at Northwestern after I graduated from U of I before I went to De Paul to work on a masters.

Northwestern should be proud of their connection to nude recreation. The University of Illinois is as they profiled Mary Clare and I in their Jan/Feb issue 2003 of the Illinois alumni magazine as one of the famous graduates from the University. Considering they have 50,000 students and only 6-10 graduates a year are profiled, that is a very big honor.

The Univ of Illinois obviously is proud that we were graduates.

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