Thursday, March 4, 2010

"I told you it wasn't necessary to buy that new shredder."

Puppies are so lucky that they're so adorable. Even "Jude the shredder" is adorable.

Jude is 12 weeks old today (we estimate as she was a pound puppy.) She had her 3rd round of shots today and decided to celebrate when we got back from the vets by showing us we really don't need a new shredder. She's happily on the job.

When we got her 3 weeks ago, she was 14.7 lbs. She is now 21.0 lbs. She has really grown. She has also lost a few of her baby teeth including a front tooth. She looks so cute when she smiles.

Jude being a black lab mix is extremely friendly. She just LOVES people. Come and meet her at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa.

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We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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