Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hotel sites being sued - Accused of spreading false information

The internet has been fantastic for the travel industry, and especially for finding nudist resorts. It is our biggest source for new guests.

There is lots of information on the net about where to go for vacations, things to do, etc.

One of the negatives about the internet though is there is lots of misleading information. Many travel sites quote low rates and then you find out there are hidden resort fees or membership fees.

Or worse some places have phony "rack rates" so they can have even phonier sales and discounts.

Even in the nude recreation field, some nudist resorts quote lower rates and once you get there, you learn you have to pay daily membership fees, or ground fees, or whatever other creative name they have for charging guests extra money.

Here at Terra Cotta Inn we have NO hidden resort, grounds, parking or membership fees. You pay what you are quoted.

Now I know the hotel industry pretty well here in Palm Springs. There are some hotels that advertise with Expedia, etc that they are having 50% off "sales" from their phony "rack rates."

The funny thing is they ALWAYS have these 50% off sales. And the sad thing is some people fall for the phony sales thinking they are getting a bargain or good value. Which they're not.

We've had people come here for day use at our resort. They're from out of state, have been to nudist resorts before, (not ours), but booked at a non nude hotel here in town thinking they they were getting a deal from one of these hotel room "sales."

It gets pretty frustrating when a nudist books a textile hotel that has a 50% off sale because they think it's cheaper than staying at our resort. As an example one place in town offers 50% off sales at $119 midweek. However once you factor in parking fees, resort fees, buying breakfast and having to pay us $25 for a day fee to use our nudist resort. That bargain $119 becomes about $205. And midweek our rates are only $149. Plus you'll get free afternoon snacks here too.

MSNBC in the fall said many nudist resorts are a great value and mentioned The Terra Cotta Inn as one of the best values in the nudist industry.

Well a hotel group in France got tired of other hotel sites misleading information and is suing Experida, and tripadvisor.

Here's the story:

"Expedia, and TripAdvisor accused of spreading false information

Synhorcat, a union of French hoteliers is taking legal action against Expedia and two of its subsidiaries, TripAdvisor and, accusing them of unfair trade practices.

The lawsuit filed by Synhorcat at the Commercial Court in Paris last week claims that the close relationship between TripAdvisor and Expedia/ leads to situations, where hotels that are not working with Expedia are listed on TripAdvisor with no rooms available, although they have availability.

The union calls this a “discriminatory practice”, that not only leads to false information for the consumer, but is also potentially deterring consumers from contacting the hotel directly to book a room.

In addition, the lawsuit criticizes Expedia’s promotional claim of “up to 75% discounts on hotel rates” as misleading for consumers...

According to Synhorcat, Expedia’s promotional claim also has the potential to deter consumers from booking the hotel directly, as they are made believe that the deepest discounts are available on Expedia.

“We have nothing against the Internet, in contrary,” says Didier Chenet, President of Synhorcat, “but we cannot let these practices penalize hoteliers.”

For the full story click here

The Terra Cotta inn is a fantastic deal which is why we have one of the highest occupancy rates in Palm Springs.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, unique vacation experience.

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