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Leisure Travelers in the US save American taxpayers $950 a year per household in taxes

Every week I normally have a few guests ask me why aren't there more nudist resorts in the US or Canada. One of the answers I tell them is enough nudists do not support our industry. These people never belong to AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation, FCN or TNS.

They never tell their non nudist friends that they like vacationing at nudist resorts.

They may go to nude beaches or a nudsit place for a short weekend, but they go to the Caribbean or Mexico and vacation at non nudist owned naked places. In short, there aren't more nudist resorts in the US and Canada because there isn't enough support for them.

The Terra Cotta Inn is the ONLY nude vacation resort in the western US. Yet, I would bet 90% of our guests do not belong to nudist organizations. If we had to rely just on card carrying nudists we would be pretty empty instead of one of the most popular of ALL hotels in Palm Springs.

Now we have been open 15 years. We know many nudist places do not deserve support as they do goofy, non business friendly things. I just read online of one place that had DJ's come to play at their nudist resort for free and then the resort charged the DJ's $10 for parking. Obviously, that really bothered the DJ's as they posted they would never do it again and were mad because they played for free and were charged for parking.

Or a few nude resorts are cheap and won't even let you bring your own bottled water to drink poolside. There are no textile resorts that I have ever known of that are that cheap.

I went looking online to try to find out the impact of tourism in the US. I found this press release put out appropriately enough on April 14th, 2010:

"Spending by Travelers Saves U.S. Taxpayers Hundreds of Dollars on Tax Day
Each American Taxpayer Would Owe $950 More in Taxes This Year without Tax Revenues from Travel Industry

According to the U.S. Travel Association, American taxpayers would have to pay an average of $950 more per household on “tax day” if not for the tax revenues generated by travel and tourism to and within the United States.

“Take a moment to extend some friendly hospitality to the tourists in your city or town today – the money they spend has saved you nearly one thousand dollars in personal taxes this year,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. “The leisure or business traveler staying at the nearby hotel, eating at a local restaurant, shopping or visiting a local attraction is keeping your local economy vibrant and putting money in your pocket.”

The money travelers inject into the economy often means more money for civic development, infrastructure and state and local jobs such as teachers, firefighters and police forces. In 2009, travel spending by U.S. and international visitors resulted in more than $111 billion in tax revenue for federal, state and local government. Of that total, $77.3 billion came from leisure travel and $34.2 billion was generated by business travel, including meetings and conventions...

Travel is a $704 billion industry that generates tax revenue and jobs across the country. One in 13 American workers is employed either directly or indirectly by the travel industry. In addition to those directly employed by the industry, millions of Americans are indirectly employed as a result of the business generated by travel..."

For the full article click here

Just imagine how much nudism would blossom in the US if people stopped going to non nudist owned naked places in Mexico and the Caribbean.

We probably reinvest into our resort a higher percent of our revenue than any other nudist resort in the US for upgrades and repairs and not increasing our rates. We have not increased rates for 3 years and do not intend to do so next year.

We average a 80% occupancy rate year round. Could you imagine the upgrades we could have if we had a 90% occupancy rate.

So next time you spend money going to an over priced place in Mexico or the Caribbean, where all they care about is your money, just think of what your vacation dollars could be doing to promote nude recreation in the US and Canada.

Support nude recreation. Vacation only at places that are owned by nudists.

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