Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Emmy award winning TV Show The Doctors discusses Nude Recreation Friday

The Doctors TV show is shown nationally in the US and Canada. Tomorrow, Friday, February 18th they will air a segment called "The Naked Truth About your Health."

Their promo says:

"The Naked Truth about Your Health

It’s time to get comfortable in your own skin and uncover the truth about your body. Learn the risks and benefits of hot tub skinny dipping, take a peak into the lifestyle of a nudist couple and discover which foods help you look better naked!"

The risk they mentioned was people with high blood pressure should not spend much time in a hot tub, which is good advice. Our segment was very positive.

Here is the link: To find what time it airs in your town, click here:

Tom and I were guests on the show. Our segment was filmed for about 15 minutes which will be edited to maybe 4-5 minutes. So we anxiously are looking forward to see how they edit our segment. We were invited on the show as the experts about nudist resorts since our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs is so popular.

During the show, one doctor admitted going to nudist resorts in the Caribbean, and all 4 doctors said "skinny dipping, yes!"

Now the part in the promo about the couple throwing off their clothes from behind the sofa was not part of the original filming. it will be interesting if anything "else" is added.

Hopefully those parts will be included in the show.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

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