Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California Rocks

Nudists all know that we are the nude vacation destination of choice out west. We have couples from all over the US, Canada, England, Australia, Mexico and lots of other countries stay here. Which is why Terra Cotta Inn is Unique. Year round we are popular 7 days a week instead of just weekends like typical nudist resorts.

And of course first timers love our place as we're the most mainstream nude sunbathing resort in the US and as our local newspaper the Desert Sun says, we're perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

We have one of the highest repeat guest rates in the travel industry at over 80%. Lodging Magazine says if a vacation resort gets a 15% repeat guest rate, they are doing really well. Sandals Resorts brags that they have almost a 35% repeat guest rate. So to be an 80% repeat rate, it is really cool.

And what is so nice about Terra Cotta Inn is because we are a vacation resort instead of just another weekend getaway like everyone else, we have different people here all the time. So it doesn't get cliquish here like it would at places that cater mainly to locals.

Of course local Southern Californians also LOVE Terra Cotta Inn which is one of the many reasons why we were just picked by the Los Angeles Times newspaper in their July Reader's Choice awards for 2011 as the MOST POPULAR of ALL small resorts of ALL Southern California. Many places say they are popular ever though they are pretty empty midweek. The Los Angeles Times knows better, which is why they were very proud to pick us. We actually got a letter from the President of the Los Angeles Times congratulating us on our major achievement.

And of course one of the many reasons we were selected is because we are such a fun place and because it is such a friendly atmosphere here. Snobs don't fit in. We recommend other places for them to go.

A tradition guests started maybe 15 years ago is painting rocks and then coming back and visiting them. Where are a few examples. Aren't they great.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, sunny, unique vacation experience. One that you will want to repeat over and over.

Never been to a clothing optional resort before? No problem. We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time!

Last November, MSNBC picked us as the Best value nude sunbathing resort in the western US.

And in December, 2010 Palm Springs Life Magazine picked us as the BEST small resort in the whole Palm Springs area in their Best of the Best issue. It's pretty cool that a nudist resort is considered the best place to stay in town. We were picked not because we're exclusive and snobby, (we let other places win those categories). We were picked because we are so friendly and because the guests have such a good time here.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations or for information. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

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Hope to see you this summer in sunny Palm Springs at Terra Cotta Inn!!!

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