Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nudist History was made - The Nude Night Out with Cathy Ladman Show was a GREAT SUCCESS

The crowd never laughed so hard in all their lives. Cathy Ladman was a big hit. The guests loved her. And she loved performing for our guests.

We made nudist history last night! And will make TV history next year when the show airs.An A list comedian has never performed before at any nudist resorts, ever. And to be shot for mainstream TV is even bigger.

Cathy Ladman, the famous comedian said it was the BEST show of her lifetime. And she has probably done over 1000 shows. She was so nervous performing in front of a nude audience here, but she pulled it off.

Cathy, the director, and her manager said it was so good, they have to be super careful on how they edit it, as they think they shot Emmy caliber material last night.

Sadly, we have signed a confidentiality agreement (which is understandable as they do NOT want anything leaked to the press). They took a few pics of the 3 of us with my camera. They wouldn't even let me photograph our special events room to show how they decorated it as they do not want that leaked.

They had cameras going for about half the day showing how they set up the room, interviewed us, guests that wanted to be interviewed, etc. was here and they even interviewed Cathy. They are letting ClothesFree TV air that before the show.

So thank you everyone that attended. We all know what a great time we had. And once it airs on TV, I'll let everyone know.

Tom Mulhall
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Hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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