Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Photo of our Spacious Rooms with Kitchenettes at Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California

Naturists and nudists all know that The Terra Cotta Inn is the nude sunbathing leader in Palm Springs, California and one of the most popular resorts in the whole town. For instance this July 24th, 2011 the Los Angeles Times newspaper gave us a Readers Choice Award for being the most popular of ALL small resorts in ALL Southern California, nudist or non nudist alike. We have been open over 17 years and we have always been the go to nude sunbathing resort in Palm Springs since the very first day we opened for lots of reasons.

We made Palm Springs famous as a nudist vacation destination and we are still the major reason why nudists come to our beautiful town. For instance this October 2011, AOL Travel, UK picked us as one of the 10 BEST nude sunbathing resorts in the world and the only one in Palm Springs that was recommended. And earlier in the year The Australian Newspaper, Australia's National newspaper also picked Terra Cotta Inn as one of the 10 BEST nude sunbathing resorts in the world. Again, the only one in Palm Springs that was recommended. Of course in other years the USA Today, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times and way more have picked Terra Cotta Inn as one of the 10 best in the US or world. We work hard to be the nudist leaders in town and the press knows it.

The Terra Cotta Inn does not sit back and relax with all of our press write ups. We are constantly improving our resort and guest experiences.

There are many reasons why we have been the nudist resort leader of Palm Springs. We were the 1st of ALL hotels in Palm Springs to convert our pool and Jacuzzi to state of the art salt water systems so we don't have to use all the harsh chemicals like typical pools.

We were the first of ALL hotels in Palm Springs to install room side heaters for guests to stay nice and warm and nude on winter nights.

We were the first of ALL Palm Springs hotels to install high pressure poolside cooling systems and constantly upgrade it through out the years. Even now most places don't have them as they are very expensive to operate. But, then our guests comfort is more important to us. For instance we went through a costly upgrade of the system last year and it has been wonderful for our guests all summer long which is one of the major reasons why we're the most popular place to stay at in town inthe summer if you want to be comfortable outside.

We were the first of ALL hotels to propose to the city of Palm Springs that they start a recycling program for small resorts in town. And they accepted that idea.

We were the first nudist resort in the US to have top of the line king sized beds as standard in rooms. Guests ALWAYS tell us that they sleep better here than at any other hotel anywhere else that they have been to.

We have always been the best value nudist resort in rthe US and one of the best values of all hotels in Palm Springs. We've been recognized by both trip advisor and MSNBC for being such a great value. And just this October, AOL Travel picked us as the best value nudist resort in the world. And we still do not have hidden resort or grounds fees. So before booking anywhere else, always ask that question. And 2012 is the 5th year in a row, TCI has not raised room rates.

We were one of the first of ALL hotels in Palm Springs to offer free WIFI and we were the resort that convinced the city of Palm Springs to make our local cable provider to charge hotels only a flat monthly wifi fee instead of trying to extract daily usage fees from Palm Springs guests. ALL guests in Palm Springs hotels benefit because of our hard work, not just nudists.

I am a past President of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, so I have used our influence for the benefit of all visitors to our beautiful city.

We are constantly upgrading our resort and hotel which is why we have one of the highest occupancy rates of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. Here is a photo of one of our remodeled kitchenette sized rooms. There is beautiful travertine tiles (we spent extra for the safety grade non slip commerical tiles). All of our kitchenette sized rooms have super comfortable leather chairs of sofas too. These rooms are very spacious at 500 square ft. It is easy to see why guests will stay for 1 night up to 3 months in these comfortable, large rooms. Our room walls are also a very cool design painted by a 2 time Grammy award winning artist.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, sunny, unique vacation experience. One that you will want to repeat over and over.

Never been to a clothing optional resort before? No problem. Los Angeles Magazine picked Terra Cotta Inn as one of their 4 favorite vacaation resorts for couples in Palm Springs. Our local newspaper, The Desert Sun has also reported the Terra Cotta Inn is the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and is perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time!

And in December, 2010 Palm Springs Life Magazine picked us as the BEST small resort in the whole Palm Springs area in their annual Best of the Best issue. It's pretty cool that a nudist resort is considered the best place to stay in town. We were picked not because we're exclusive and snobby, (we let other places win those categories). We were picked because we are so friendly and because our guests have so much fun here.

So if you are happy, friendly first timers wanting a fun, new, romantic topless and nude sunbathing experience, or are experienced nudists, naturists, and/or nude beach goers, you will love it here. AANR, TNS, FCN, and INF nudist members especially love our resort. However, we are not appropriate for snobs or heavy duty spouse swappers and swingers. We will be happy to recommend you elsewhere.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 (toll free US and Canada) to make reservations or for information. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

Visit our site at

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Hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs at Terra Cotta Inn!!!

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