Monday, March 9, 2009

CTV recommends Toronto's nude beaches as one of the 5 best things about Toronto

CTV is Canada's major broadcasting network. Sort of like America's ABC, NBC, or CBS. Back in the late 90's they did a half hour show about us on their TV show Insider's Travels about how we were one of the US's best small resorts. That brought us a lot of Canadian guests who still keep coming back year after year.

On CTV's site they just printed an article about the 5 best things about Toronto.
Nude beaches is one of them. Here's the article:

"The five best things about Toronto

Over the last 175 years, Toronto has grown from being an unassuming municipality to a thriving city whose accomplishments have caught the attention of the international public...


Torontonians don't need to drive all the way to Muskoka to enjoy a quiet afternoon on the lake. Toronto's island is the perfect getaway spot for people who need a break from the city's hustle and bustle...

For the avid cycler and rollerblader, the area boasts wide boardwalks that stretch from one end of the island to the other. There's also a private nook on Hanlan's Point for nudists who want to enjoy one of only two clothing optional beaches in Canada..."

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It is always nice when the press acknowledges nude beaches or nudist resorts as some of the best activities in a city. This reminds me of an article 2 years ago where was writing about why everyone was moving to California. They wrote one of the reasons to move to California was you would be closer to our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn. That was pretty cool.

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