Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A nude art photography blog

We use twitter.com Our twitter site is http://twitter.com/tcotta You can learn about what's happening in Palm Springs and at our resort The Terra Cotta Inn if you join. It is a cool mini blog site

I just learned from a tweet (a twitter post), that there is a cool nude art blog. The blog is about nude art photography Click here NSFW

This is a description of the blog from their site:

"World of the Nude Art Photography
Variances of the human body are intriguing and often very beautiful and therefore nudity in art is strongly represented for ages. Photography is no exception and the nude has made a major impact in the portfolios of many photographic artists. But we have to remember that without the models photographers would be left to shoot nude self-portraits. This web log is dedicated to all who have any interest in art nude photography, active or passive."

If you click the blog, you will see an interesting post with photos of jumping nudes. They are real cool art photos. They are NSFW. I hope you enjoy the artwork.

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