Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nudists need to support nudist resorts - Paradise Valley resort closed

One of our guests who lives in Florida just told us that Paradise Valley Resort located outside of Atlanta, Georgia just closed this Valentine's Day.

I looked online and came across this post:

"Important Announcement

Paradise Valley Resort is closed until further notice!

Paradise Valley Resort is owned and operated by Hidden Valley Resorts Inc., a Georgia corporation. The president and majority shareholder has directed us to close the club as of Saturday night, February 14th at the close of business. We wish to thank our loyal members and guests for many great parties and special memories.

The entire facility, including the office, club, pools, motels, camp sites and condo rentals will not be available during this period..."

For the full post click here

I hope they can find new investors to get it operating again.

Since last year, I have been telling people that if they want nudism to grow in North America, they need to support nudist resorts by staying at them more often.

Also people need to join AANR as it is the credible voice for nudism in the US, or Join CFN the Canadian nudist organization.

I have heard from some nudist resort owners that this is one of the worst years they have ever had. For instance Desert Shadows resort in Palm Springs filed bankruptcy last year. And yet, I still hear people talking about going to Jamaica and Mexico and staying at places not owned by nudists. And in their next breath they say why aren't there more places like Terra Cotta in the US.

At our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn, clothing optional resort and spa, we are still doing very well. We were the ONLY hotel in Palm Springs that was up in sales last year. The major reason we are so popular is we have always been the best value, affordably luxurious nudist resort in North America. So when times are tough, people cut out their European, Hawaiian, and Caribbean vacations and stay with us a couple of times a year instead of just one time. Or they will book us for 2 weeks at a time instead of one week. And then for those guests who used to come on weekends, they now stay with us for one night and 2 days on Sunday through Thursday nights. Since you can check in as early as 10am and stay to 5pm the next day, we are a fantastic deal as you can sunbathe for 2 days for the price of one.

However, I find that I have to work much harder this year as we have received way more cancellations this year than ever before. Sadly, most people tell me they lost a job or are about to lose a job. Where last year I worked about 60 hours a week to stay real busy, now I am working about 75 hours a week to maintain our same high occupancy level.

So this year make it the year you vacation at a nudist resort owned by nudists not some big non nudist owned company that overcharges nudists. Also join AANR or CNF.

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I hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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