Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not all nudist resorts are just weekend getaways

We had a couple come by for a tour today. They are in town through Sunday and had already booked at our resort on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. I asked them where they were staying and they are at a big hotel in Palm Desert, a town about 20 miles away.

I said "well you can see we are over half full today, why didn't you book here especially since we have our summertime special of stay 1 night, the 2nd is half priced."

I was told they stayed at another place midweek in Palm Springs a couple of years ago, were the only ones there, and had a boring time so they assumed all nudist resorts in Palm Springs were empty midweek and only booked us for the weekend.

Then I saw this post on a nudist forum:

" _______ Resort all to ourselves...what a strange feeling!
2 days ago

Wow...what a strange experience! We usually come to __________ for the weekend, but with our trip to Mexico, and much desired time with our lovely granddaughter this past weekend, we didn`t leave for ______ until she went home, then arrived here ... on Sunday evening a couple of hours before dark. Not a soul in sight after we spoke with _____, the owners. From 6 to about 10, it was just us enjoying the solitude, the pool, the hot tub...

This morning, saw no one at all until about 10 when a guy drove out from town to spend the day at the pool, and the resort`s handyman.

Now, it`s 5:30 in the afternoon on Monday, and again my sweet wife and I have the resort to ourselves. I have enough steak for 8 or so, ...looks like leftovers tomorrow!

It`s been a lot of fun, but really strange."

I have always said all nudist resorts have a responsibility to other resorts in the way they treat guests especially first timers because if a first timer has a bad time at our resort, odds are they will never try ANY place again.

And for instance as in the above 2 examples, if you go to a nude place and no one is around from Sunday until Friday, you assume ALL nudist reaorts are like that which isn't true.

For instance, we are the ONLY nudist resort that is popular 7 days a week in Palm Springs. We are NOT just a weekend getaway. If you are here midweek, you will meet lots of really nice people and we can even sell out midweek. On our site at the bottom of our home page, we print our upcoming availability. We are the only nudist resort that does so in Palm Springs.

When we first opened 14 years ago, we told potential guests on the phone that when they booked that maybe only 2 or 3 couples would be here, but that all other nudist resorts were slow midweek too. We lost business short term that way as not all nudist resorts would admit that they were only weekend getaways.

However, long term, guests love our frankness and honesty. We now have the reputation that if you want a fun nudist vacation in Palm Springs and you are social and love talking with other nudists, we are the place to go to 7 days a week not just weekends. Of course if someone calls and wants a place all to themselves, we always recommend the other nudist resorts here in town.

Now if you want a great clothes free vacation, give us a call at 800-786-6938.

Just yesterday, the big news site in Australia, news.au.com picked us as one of the 10 best nudist resorts in the world.

Visit our site at http://sunnyfun.com

We hope to meet you in sunny Palm Springs!

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