Tuesday, June 23, 2009

US Chamber of Commerce encourages people to vacation in the US this year

I've been saying since last year that Americans and Canadians should only book at US and Canadian nudist resorts this year.

All the time I hear from people asking me "why aren't there more places like Terra Cotta Inn in the US." And then they proceed to tell me how they just spent like $5000-7500 in Mexico or the Caribbean on vacation.

We had one guest this spring stay with us for 3 weeks. They said this year they could afford 3 weeks at our resort for the price of 1 week in St. Martin.

Now our business has been pretty good this year. April was the busiest month in our 14 years of business. However, for instance, June has been slower than usual as it has been cloudy and cool in San Diego and Los Angeles. Many people who live in those cities don't know that it is sunny and warm just 100 miles away in sunny Palm Springs. As an example we only have 1 couple at our resort tonight from Southern California. We have more Canadians here than Californians. So we can always use more guests from out of state and out of country booking their vacations here.

American and Canadian nudists need to support our own. They need to join AANR and FCN to protect our nudist rights. They need to join nudist clubs and vacation only at US And Canadian nudist resorts. When nudists go to the Caribbean or Mexico, they are lining the pockets of non nudists who charge nudists more to go nude, than they charge textile guests. (Club O is an exception. It is very, expensive, but it is a naturist owned and managed resort).

I know more and more people are tired of being overcharged to go nude in the Caribbean and Mexico, but they need to completely stop going and support our own country and our own hard working nudists and nudist organizations.

I am surprised that more nudists have not said the same thing as I do. I know many nudist resorts in the US and Canada are hurting financially this year. They need the money much more than Jamaica or Mexico. Americans in the hospitality industry are being fired and yet people spend their vacation dollars not in their own country? It does not make sense unless you just don't care what happens to our country.

Now I see the President of the US Chamber of Commerce is finally saying people need to vacation in the US to help spur the economic recovery.

Here's the story:

"Travel and Tourism Can Help Spur Recovery

By Tom Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
June 23, 2009

Hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of small businesses depend on travel and tourism for their very survival, including the city I work in, Washington, D.C. In fact, travel and tourism is a $740 billion industry that employs 7.5 million people. It's been hard hit by the economic recession...

One thing we can do to stimulate the economy is to promote the vital travel and tourism industry. We can start by making America a more inviting place for international travelers to visit and conduct business. Passage of the Travel Promotion Act would be a huge step in the right direction...

In addition to attracting international visitors, we need to remove impediments that make it difficult for our own citizens to travel within our borders. Highway congestion, airport delays, and other inconveniences are increasingly causing many Americans to rethink travel plans. If we invest in a modernized infrastructure, we could create jobs during the recession as well as encourage more domestic travel when times are better.

Attracting visitors to our country is a lot like attracting capital--they go where they feel welcome, safe, and can get their money's worth. We want the United States to be the travel destination of the world, while making it easier for our citizens to get from point A to point B. Passage of the Travel Promotion Act would help achieve this at no cost to U.S. taxpayers."

For the full story click here

This is a story that all nudist blogs need to repeat and it should be reposted everywhere. Actually all blogs should be reposting this.

Everyone is more than welcome to repeat this post.

Tom Mulhall
Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa
Palm Springs, CA

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