Thursday, December 24, 2009

More about how nudists need to support nudist resorts

Over at in their California nudists group section, a few people got upset with Mary Clare because she posted there letting Californians know about our free Thanksgiving dinner back in November and room availability.

That brought out a number of responses. Most people wrote it was good to know what was happening an nudist clubs and resorts as most do not do a good job of communicating with nudists. A few however wrote saying nudist businesses should not write about what's happening at their clubs or resorts as they feel nudist social sites should be for nudists and not businesses.

Nudists who want nudist businesses to stay hidden away crack me up. AANR, TNS and nudist businesses are what has made nudism "cool" again. If it wasn't for all the positive PR that nudist organizations and resorts generate, you would not have enough people willing to try nude sunbathing at legal nude beaches like Haulover beach in Miami or Sandy Hook in New Jersey, or Rooster Rock in Oregon.

Here's an e-mail Mary Clare got from today.

"You never know! We were in palm Springs several years ago, but never knew you were there then,otherwise we'd have been there. Never thought there were naturist places outside of Florida. Looks a WHOLE lot better than the hotel we used!

take care and have a successful year"

We work very hard trying to let nudists and naturists around the world know about The Terra Cotta Inn and how popular Palm Springs is as a destination for nude sunbathing. Yet, obviously, lots of nudists and naturists around the world do not know about us.

They say about 1 in 5 Germans vacations at a nudist resort each year. Yet, we only get 2-3 couples from Germany staying at our resort a year. In 2007, 325,000 Germans vacationed in California according to California's tourism department. The biggest segment was couples between ages 35-55 which is out market. If 20% of Germans vacation at nudist resorts, then it means 65,000 visitors to California from Germany would like being nude. And they all don't know about us or other nudist resorts in California.

So as with nudism in general in the US, it is awareness. American nudists need to make the world more aware that we exist, us included. And American nudists need to support nudist resorts, not try to pretend we don't exist as the resorts, clubs and organizations are what gets all the positive PR about nudism and lets the world know how fun it is.

So even though some people feel that nudist businesses should not promote themselves, if they don't start supporting nudist businesses, one day they will find there are no places to go except for in their own houses.

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