Friday, December 18, 2009

Even Christmas Ornaments Love Vacationing at Nudist Resorts

Vacationing at nudist resorts is hot. MSNBC on November 9th had a TV show segment called "5 reasons to bare it all on your next vacation
Nakation, anyone? The skinny on clothing-optional vacations." CLICK HERE

Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs was picked as one of the three nudist resorts in the US whose hotel rates are the best deal.

In December, Palm Springs Life Magazine in their Best of the Best issue selected the top 3 boutique hotels In the whole Palm Springs area. The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa was selected the second best of ALL boutique hotels in Palm Springs. Way Cool!

Now Christmas ornaments want to get in on the fun.

Above is a nice Christmas ornament couple from Santa Fe, New Mexico (that's where the artist lives) vacationing in the tree at The Terra Cotta Inn nudist resort, Palm Springs.

I think that these ornaments are so whimsical and fun. They are what nice nudist resorts are all about, relaxing and having fun.

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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