Friday, December 4, 2009

79% of Californians support nude beaches and nude sunbathing

Mary Clare and I are back from a vacation this week. We were celebrating her birthday.

There was a lot of nudist news this week. One of the big stories is a Naturist Education Foundation California poll was released.

In November 2009, NEF or the Naturist Education Foundation commissioned a poll by Zogby International. They are a famous international polling company best know for their political polls.

In NEF's poll they asked Californians 5 questions. The first was:

"Do you agree or disagree that people should be able to enjoy nude sunbathing on a beach or other location that is designated for that purpose?"

79% said they agreed, 6% were unsure, and only 16% disagreed.

This is major news as almost 80% of Californians felt their fellow citizens should be able to enjoy nude sunbathing.

Another question was "Do you agree or disagree that you are personally offended by non-sexual nudity of others?" 37% agreed, 60% disagreed and 3% were unsure.

This is also big news. Federal, State and local governments throughout the US have been actively expanding their roles of Big Brother, trying to protect Americans from the site of nude bodies, yet in California 60% of people are not offended by the site of a nude body.

The federal government made a big stink over the showing of a woman's rear end on NYPD Blue show, yet it appears most people didn't have care.

Finally they asked "Have you, personally ever gone 'skinny -dipping' or nude sunbathing with others?" 40% said yes, 56% said no, 3% refused to answer the questions and 1% was not sure.

For the NEF poll Click here

40% of Californians have gone skinny dipping. For perspective, I found online that 7.6% of Americans consider themselves golfers. Way more people have skinny dipped than golfed. There are municipal golf courses all over America benefiting only a tiny minority of Americans. Where are the municipal skinny dipping pools or nude beaches?

Most cities have to subsidise their municipal golf course as they are money losers. Yes, that means that taxpayers pay extra taxes so a small minority can have cheaper tee times. Yet, nude beaches like Haulover in Florida are profit centers for cities. Our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa brings around $75,000 year in room taxes for Palm Springs, one of the highest amounts per room of ALL hotels in town.

Yet, cities, counties, and states are scared of nude beaches, pools, etc. I don't get it.

California has always led the nation. This is a major positive trend showing the acceptance of nude recreation. I hope governments pay attention to this poll.

Now we need this information to be disseminated everywhere so politicians can see that people want nude recreation.

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