Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nude Jude at The Terra Cotta inn

Here's a photo of Jude (short for Nude Jude) our resident 4 month old pound puppy. She was so exhausted from playing with the guests (she loves to play fetch), that she had to lay down to drink her water. About 5 minutes later, she was inside taking a nap for about an hour.

We've had her now for 9 weeks. She's really grown in that time. When we got her, she was 14.5 lbs. Last week when she got booster shots, she was 33.5 lbs. The vet is guessing her full adult size will be 70 lbs.

She's the sweetest dog. She's a Black Labrador mix. We know her mom was a black lab stray that an animal control officer in the town of Indio went to catch. But, when he got to where she was, he realized she had a litter. So he caught Jude and a sister.

Jude LOVES people. She greats everyone when they check in (unless she's sleeping too soundly from playing). And EVERYONE loves Jude. She is a great little nudist puppy.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 and come meet her.

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