Thursday, April 22, 2010

Everyday should be Earth Day for nudists

A big Happy Earth Day to our mother earth!

I think people who enjoy nude recreation are naturally more in tune with nature. I was contacted by AANR (the American Association for Nude Recreation) a few weeks ago. They wanted to know if we were doing anything special for Earth Day.

My response was, "being a nudist, every day should be Earth Day.

When we opened our resort 15 years ago, we immediately started going green and conserving energy. Way before it was trendy. We changed all of our outdoor lighting to fluorescent. We bough high efficiency pool and jacuzzi heaters. We were the FIRST hotel in the whole Palm Springs area that invested in a salt water pool, so we wouldn't have to use so many harsh chemicals like everyone else.

A few years after we opened, the city of Palm Springs started a residential recycling program. We approached city hall informing them that small resorts generate much more recyclable trash than homes. We suggested they should also have a recycling program for small resorts.

At first, we met resistance, but we persisted. Of course it helped that I was on the Board of Directors of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce. We got other small resorts to say it was a great idea, so the city gave in. Now of course they brag about the great job they do in recycling (and they do a great job).

Nudists save millions of gallons of water and energy by not washing as much clothing. Also, I bet nudists don't own as much clothing as non nudists, so there is lots of savings there too.

Nudists should be proud of what they do for mother earth. I know we are.

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