Sunday, July 4, 2010 Poll: What are your thoughts on visiting a Nudist Resort? is a major internet portal. They have written many articles about nude recreation and nudist resorts. I just came across this nudism poll. Obviously it is unscientific, but points out some trends.

Here's the current results. Feel free answering the poll yourself.

"What are your thoughts on visiting a Nudist Resort?

1) Not at all interested. (230) 5% total votes cast

2) A little bit curious. (533) 11% Total votes cast

3) Would like to try it sometime. (1878) 42% Total Votes cast

4) Have been & didn't care for it. (68) 1% Total Votes cast

5) Have been & thought it was ok. (176) 3% Total Votes cast

6) Have been & loved it. (1581) 35% Total Votes Cast

Total Votes: 4466

42% of people would like vacationing at a nudist resort sometime. With scientific surveys, results have normally been around 11 or 12% of people wanted to try it.

What I thought was most interesting about this survey is only 1% of people said they have tried it and didn't like it. and only 3% were blah saying it was only OK.

Now if we do some math of people who have tried a nudist resort vacation from this survey, we find there's a total of 1825 people.

68 votes didn't care for it or 3.7% of total nudist resort visitors
176 votes thought it was OK or 9.6% of total nudist resort visitors
1581 votes loved it or 86.6% of total nudist resort visitors

This is really impressive. We have always known once most people vacation at our nudist resort, they LOVE it.

However, even we find not all nudists love our resort, but they still like to vacation in the nude. You need to ask questions before you book to make sure the nudist resort you are going to vacation at is the best one for you.

Every year, we will have a few people who stayed at other nudist places in Palm Springs take a tour of our resort. They tell us at the end of the tour, they won't stay because we are too popular. They love staying where they're at because they say almost no one else is around at the other naked place and they enjoy the feeling of having the other place to themselves and not have to talk with other guests.

So where experienced nudists always assume all nudists are social nudists and love to meet other people, there are some who are more like home nudists that seek out nude places that are pretty empty so they can have it to themselves and not talk with others.

Also, snobs do not like our place. Guests tell us staying here is like staying with the nice relatives. It is just so friendly here. They love all our other guests. However, snobs think they're better than everyone else and love to put on airs. Although most nudists are NOT snobs, a few are. We always refer them elsewhere.

So ask questions before booking. If you're like most nudists and are social, ask how busy the place is. Most nudist resorts in America are just weekend getaways and pretty empty on Sunday through Friday nights. You will be disappointed if you book a week or go midweek to other places as you might be the only ones there.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations.

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Make this the year to finally say good bye to your funny tan lines forever.

We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs.

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