Sunday, July 11, 2010

If you care about your skin - Salt water pools are the right choice for you

Skin is In! Especially at nudist resorts. Doctors call skin the body's biggest organ. Skin is considered an organ because it can absorb chemicals.

At the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in sunny Palm Springs, California, we care about your skin.

We are proud to have converted our swimming pool to a salt water pool. We invested in it almost 5 years ago when our county said it was OK for commercial pools to convert to salt systems. We were the 2nd hotel in the whole Palm Springs area to invest in a salt water pool. 3 years ago, we converted our jacuzzi to a salt water system when it was allowed. We were the very FIRST hotel in the whole Palm Springs area to invest in a salt water jacuzzi.

We try to be the trend setter in amenities and a great value not just of nudist resorts, but for textile hotels in Palm Springs. This is one of the many reasons why we are known as the BEST VALUE nudist resort in the western US. MSNBC reported on this last November. And also why we have one of the highest occupancy rates of ALL hotels in the Palm Springs area.

When you are in a salt water pool or jacuzzi, the water is fantastic. You don't get all the chlorine itchiness that you get in pools that don't think enough of their guests comfort to invest in salt water systems.

Once you've been in a salt water pool, you'll never want to go into another pool or jacuzzi again unless it's salt water. Sort of like vacationing at a nice nudist resort. Once you've gone nude sunbathing, you'll NEVER want to wear a clammy, wet bathing suit again. Our salt water pool is one of the reasons why most nudists list us as their most favorite nudist resort.

With our pool water, your skin feels smooth, the water feels smoother, and you feel more refreshed. Your skin doesn't dry out and itch like chlorine pools. Your eyes are not irritated. The salt level in pools is very low. Like a tear drop not salty like the ocean.

Many of the upscale resort chains like Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, etc. are converting to salt systems as their guest comfort really matters to them like us.

Why don't most hotels convert to salt water pools? It costs money in both the computer monitoring system and plumbing. For those hotels that have not gone salt water, obviously not spending money is more important to them than their guests comfort.

Some mineral water pool operators that have not invested in salt water pool systems like to say that their water is "natural." They don't want you to know that they use harsh chemicals to disinfect their water because everyone knows, once you have been in a salt water pool, you will NEVER want to go into a chlorine pool again.

Yes, so called "natural" mineral water pools are required to use chlorine, other halogens like bromine, or if they care about their guests comfort like us, they would invest in salt water systems to disinfect their pool and jacuzzi water. This is both a state and county requirement. No commercial pool can legally operate without disinfectant. Most pools that have not converted to salt water systems are using itchy chlorine which everyone dislikes.

Now salt water pools are NOT chlorine free pools. They have chlorine generators that computer control the right amount of disinfectant depending on the amount of people in the water, temperature, sunshine, etc. Because a computer is constantly monitoring the water, you don't get over or under chlorination like you do in regular chlorine pools.

So if you care about your skin and want to swim in fantastic water, The Terra Cotta Inn's salt water pool is the right choice for you.

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Make this the year to take a fun vacation.

We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs.

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