Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video of World record Skinny Dip at Terra Cotta Inn a major hit in North America, Canada, and England

Last Saturday, July 10th was the Guinness World Record Skinny Dip sponsored by AANR. It was a major PR success. In my opinion The World Record Skinny Dip has done more for promoting nude recreation as something fun to do than any other event.

Our local NBC affiliate, KMIR was here filming this fun event on Saturday.


Well this video went viral on TV. It's been on CNN, CNN International, WGN, ABC, NBC, and CBS in both Los Angeles and San Diego. We have had guests from all over the US, Canada, England and even Wales tell us that they've seen the video and LOVE IT!

Here's how a Georgia TV station portrayed the skinny dip.

"Nudists at a California resort attempt skinny dipping record

(NBC) - Nudists at a California resort lathered on the tanning oil, and not much else, as they took part in a world-record attempt. Their goal? They want to set the simultaneous skinny-dipping record.

The Saturday event had participants nationwide, and was organized by a group calling itself the American Association for Nude Recreation. Skinny dippers in over 100 locations bared all to go for the gold.

By rule all members at a location had to be in the water, together, at 3pm Eastern time.

The owner of a clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs said groups from Hawaii to the East Coast were taking part. One guest from Canada drove 26 hours to Palm Springs to take the plunge.

It will take about a month to verify the winner. The nudist organization says the Guinness company will list the winner."

Click here for the Georgia story

I've always told people that we are the ONLY clothing optional resort in the west that caters to vacationers. That's why we are the ONLY nudist resort that is popular 7 days a week instead of just weekends.

When another Palm Springs TV station reported at another place in town, they titled their story "Locals Take Part in National Nude Challenge."

NBC TV at our resort focused on our being international with guests from Europe, Canada, and all over the US that came to our resort to be a part of the skinny dip event.

We had 53 people participate in the event and turned away well over another 60 people that called.

So if you have always wanted to take a vacation and try a fun clothing optional resort, now is the time.

Never been to a clothing optional resort before? No problem. We are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time!

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations or for more information.

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Make this the summer to finally say good bye to your funny tan lines forever.

We hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs.

As a final note, if you are looking online for stories about this fun skinny dipping event, I have found skinnydip spelled as 1 word, skinnydip and 2 words, skinny dip. So check out both spellings.

The above photos is shot at the Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California.

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