Friday, October 1, 2010

Nudist resorts and pubic hair styles

Owning a nudist resort, we get lots of questions. One of the more common ones concerns pubic hair styles and shaving or bikini waxing.

And the interesting thing is Europeans are much more concerned about pubic hair styles than Americans. We get e-mails from Europeans saying "we're smoothies, is that OK at your resort?" I have learned that some European nudists and naturists think if you shave your pubic region bare, or as they call it become a smoothie, then you're obviously a swinger.

Here in America, no one cares about your pubic hair or lack of it. Now I will say that more women "style" their pubic hair than let it grow natural. But, it's only a fashion choice. It has nothing to do with whether you are a "wild" person or not.

Even shaving companies advertise women's pubic razors in mainstream American magazines. Here is an ad from a a women's magazine that Mary Clare showed me (she forgot which one). You can see the female statue has a shaped pubic region.

The ad says "Quattro for Women Trim Style. Whatever your style. The only four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Shave, trim, and transform with just the flip of a handle. FREE YOUR SKIN." This is made by Schick.

So even women who are NOT nudists are into trimming and shaving pubic regions.

So are many men.

So basically, here in America, if you trim or shave your pubic region, it is no big deal as it is so mainstream. No one cares what your hair style (or lack of one) looks like.

So come as hairy or bare as you dare.

Never been to a clothing optional resort before? No problem. We're the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and are perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time!

On a MSNBC TV show in November, we were also named as the best value nudist resort on the west coast.

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