Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorobon Nudist resort in Bonaire will no long be nudist

The world wide recession has effected nudist resorts as well as textile hotels. Sorobon is the latest nudist resort that is converting over to being a textile hotel.
I've always heard good things about how it was run, so we are sad to hear it will no longer be nudist. It was one of the few nudist resorts in the Caribbean that did not gouge nudists by being ridiculously overpriced. We always recommended it.

From their site:

"Sorobon Beach Resort has always been a naturist resort. As of December 15th 2010 this will no longer be the case. We will open our doors to the general public and nudism will no longer be allowed.


I think part of the reason they are going textile is I have found American and Canadian nudists are vacationing more and more ONLY in our 2 countries. They are tired of sending their money to foreign countries where none of it benefits the US or Canada. Since the US and Canada are the world's largest trading partners, anything benefiting one country helps the other.

I know we have so many guests that booked a week with us in the summer or fall (it's tropical storm and hurricane season in the Caribbean, Florida, and Mexico in the summer and fall so nudists never go to those places anyway as why vacation in the rain). And then they booked a week in the Caribbean or Mexico in the spring. Now they are staying with us year round and skipping those overpriced places.

Prior to the recession, people would brag about how much they overpaid to vacation in Mexico and the Caribbean at non nudist owned naked resorts. Not any more. Good value is the new luxury.

And luckily for nudists, The Terra Cotta Inn has ALWAYS been considered one of the best value nudist resort vacation in the world. MSNBC in November picked us as one of the best values in the US. That's one of the many reasons we are the most popular nude sunbathing resort in the western US.

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Charles said...

Clearly the travel business has been hit pretty hard. But, one of the real problems for places like Sorobon is that it is so expensive to travel to Bonaire. Caribbean flights are very competitive to Jamaica and Cancun due to the massive demand, but when we price tickets to Bonaire, they are much more expensive. I wanted to visit Sorobon, but the difference was usually between an $350 ticket to Jamaica and a $900 ticket to Bonaire.

Tom Mulhall said...

An advantage of vacationing in the US is you can buy tickets to Palm Springs or Florida especially when there's an airfare sale like now and save even more money. And that way you're supporting American nudist resorts and the American economy instead of giving non nudist owned corporations in Jamaica and Mexico money. None of the money spent in Jamaica or Mexico helps the American economy.

People always say nothing is made in America anymore. That's so untrue, the biggest industry in the US, the hospitality industry is American and it is estimated that $60 out of every $100 spent goes directing into helping the American economy vs $0.00 when spent in Jamaica or Mexico.