Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Should Nipple piercings be banned at nudist resorts? - Give us your opinion

A woman named Felicity has started a nudist blog called, Young Naturists America. She just wrote a post about nipple piercings that I thought was pretty interesting.

Her blog post is titled: "Nipple Piercings and Dinosaurs."

She talks about Rock Lodge, NJ nudist club and how they have a policy that bans nipple jewelry.

From the Rock Lodge website: "Body Jewelry. At present, genital and nipple jewelry are not allowed. Prior to arrival at Rock Lodge, please ensure that any genital jewelry is removed and that any nipple jewelry is either removed or covered."

Felicity writes: "Those who supported the rule argued that nipple piercings don't belong in a family-oriented nudist club; that it draws attention to areas nudists aren't trying to draw attention to, i.e. the breasts; that nipple piercings are sexual and associated with the swinger atmosphere (ridiculous). On the other hand, proponents of change argued that nudism is about open acceptance of people as they are and allowing them to express themselves."

She further writes: "nipple piercings are becoming a lot more common these days among young people, and I have a few friends who have them who might say, "Rock Lodge is nice, BUT what's with this stupid rule?" I think the club would do better to cut out a rule that would exclude or discourage younger people from joining, those who'd keep the place alive."

For her full interesting blog post Click here

We have guests from their 20's to 70's that stay with us. Although most people do not have pierced nipples, some do. We have had 20 year old guests and 70 year old guests with nipple piercings. We have never had a guest complain about the nipple jewelry.

Piercings have to do with fashion not morals. In the 1800's, it was fashionable for women to have pierced ears. Then in the Victorian era, it was considered risque and only poor or "loose" women had pierced ears as clip ons became the rage. As late as the 1950's, women were considered "slutty" if they had pierced ears. Then Hollywood changed it in the 1960's as female movie stars got pierced ears and no one gives it any thought after that.

I remember in the 1980's almost no nudist resorts allowed nipple piercings. then as pierced nipples started to slowly catch on, more and more nudist resorts like ours allowed them.

The same was true about shaving genitals. In the early 80's no one shaved, now most Americans, nudist and non nudists alike shave or trim their genital area.

Now of course all businesses have the right to make their own policies on the issue concerning nipple jewelry. But is banning it a smart business move?

Personally I see no big deal with nipple jewelry.

What's your opinion?

Right a comment here and let everyone know.

Tom Mulhall
Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California
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Michael Beals said...

Nope.....if body jewelery is should be ALL body jewelry, not assorted locations. YES it does draw attention to breasts and genitals, but I dont think it draws sexual attention. I also feel that IF we are teaching our young people body acceptance, we shouldnt discriminate and judge someone because they are pierced in areas that WE dont feel comfortable peircing.

Anonymous said...

With clothes removed, a woman needs to make her statement. Jewelry is usually how this is accomplished. Some nipple jewelry is really quite attractive, other forms can be considered sexually alluring or vulgar. Good taste is essential in the social nudist environment.