Thursday, December 8, 2011

We were banned from posting on Facebook for 3 days

Facebook is the only company6 of it's size that does not have a customer service department. I was recently banned from facebook for posting nudity or pornography. This time as I clicked through their prompts to see my "penalty" I couldn't go back to download the offending page.

Earlier this year, I did think in advance and printed off a page.

This is the type of photo that puts me in the "doghouse" with facebook.

If there is nudity here, than EVERY single photo on facebook showing a women's bare shoulder shows nudity or pornography.

Every single spa photo, etc that shows more skin that this photo does needs to be delted by facebook. Of course probably 1/2 their photos would be gone.

Facebook, get with the times. This photo is NOT pornographic nor does it show frontal nudity. It shows bare shoulders. It doesn't even show cleavage.

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emwavehunter said...

FB has no idea what the definitions of their own terms are. Clueless, is about the only nice word I can use to describe their censors. Plenty of non-nice words come to mind, however.