Thursday, October 2, 2008

Naked right to work initiative

The right to work initiative story is a pretty funny satire.

However, the joke really is on the writer. In the south of France, there is a city called Cap D'Agde where in the summer there will be 50,000 nude people there. You can go grocery shopping, to the bank, to the post office, even to the police station nude.

Most male workers work nude and the female workers are also mainly nude. Although in restaurants due to health codes, cooks are dressed and the wait staff is topless (both male and female).

We have been to Cap D'Agde and it all seems so normal everyone going about life in the nude.

Here is the satire:

"Initiative to let people to work naked on ballot

While ballot measures concerning assisted suicide and toll roads have garnered the most headlines, a lesser known initiative has ignited a controversy between business and economic interests. The Double Cup Economic Stimulus Bill, or I-5309, relaxes the clothing requirements for several categories of service businesses. That is to say, it will allow all kinds of people to work practically naked.

The initiative sprang from the mind of Bremerton businessmen Warren Morrells, after three of his local "Baristas Behaving Badly" coffee stands were shut down because the scant work uniforms violated local decency laws. Rather than just paying the fine and moving to Sea-Tac Morrells coaxed enough signatures to get onto the ballot.

As written, the new law would expand the pasties-on-Tuesday concept to bankers, beauticians and bounty hunters, to name a few. Supporters acknowledge the template won't work for every business. For instance, naked teachers would be inappropriate below the junior college level and nurses will have germ issues...

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