Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The purpose of nudist blogs

I like the academic naturist blog. I have it listed on my original blog http://terracottainn.blogspot.com as one of the blogs I recommend. That was a popular blog, but unfortunately Google censored it and I switched to this blog as my new major nudist blog. I am still working on uploading things here.

The academic naturist made a post which I thought was interesting. He mentioned 4 blogs that he recommended. I am honored by being one of the recommended nudist blogs. However, he makes an interesting comment "and the TCI blog if you can stand the ad's."

Blogs can have many purposes. Is is educating people on nudism. The purpose of my blog is to educate people on the fun of nude recreation and the fun of vacationing at clothing optional and nudist resorts. I use this blog to promote my resort.

One thing that many nudist forget is AANR, The Naturist Society, my resort The Terra Cotta Inn,are all businesses. We have to promote ourselves to stay in business and to promote nude recreation. For example when San Onofre nude beach was threatened with being shut down, it was AANR and TNS who led the legal charge to stop it. That costs money. They do a lot of behind the scenes legal work to prevent our nude freedoms. Yet, only 45,000 nudists are members of AANR and maybe 30,000 of TNS. They should number in the millions since tripadvisor.com says 15% of American adults have vacationed at a clothing optional resort.

Our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn is very popular. We have around a 75% repeat guest rate. We have one of the highest occupancy rates of all hotels in Palm Springs. However, I still always have to promote our resort. To have a nice resort with nice amenities in a good part of town like us, you need about a 60% occupancy rate to break even. That is working 80 hours a week and not earning a salary. That's just to break even.

Year round, we have around a 81-82% occupancy rate. Most nudist resorts however struggle to get people in on Friday nights. For instance Caliente Resorts in Florida mentioned one of the reasons they went swinger was nudists wanted to only book on Saturday nights, swingers wanted to book for longer stays. You can't stay open with 1night a week of business.

I don't want a swinger hotel, so for me to be busy 7 nights a week, it means I use this blog to promote my business. And it works. I have so many first timers who tell me they learned about us first because of this blog as they did google keyword searches.

And because of the way google robots index every post, I have to mention our resort in every post.

Promoting your business, especially in a recession is smart. The biggest reason more people don't try nude recreation is awareness, they don't know that we exist. So many people go to the Caribbean to Grand Lido, Couples, and Club Orient for nudist vacations because they don't know there are nice nudist resorts in the US.

This blog teaches people you can have a fun topless or nude vacation here in sunny Palm Springs. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they blog. Now you know mine.

Here is the original post:

"Missed News (10/2008)
I tune in to a lot of news feeds, and every so often I catch something interesting that the rest of the blogosphere seems to miss. I've started saving these items, and every couple of months I will post them here.

For general nudist-related news, I suggest Diary of a Nudist (and his shared news which is temporarily political), USAnudist, NAC, and the TCI blog if you can stand the ad's. Those cover almost all of the nudist related news. I don't want to repeat that news here, so I'm just filling in the gaps.

For the full post click here

So if you have always wanted to vacation at a clothing optional resort, give us a calla t 800-786-6938. Visit our site at http://sunnyfun.com

So for this ad, but it is how I keep our resort, the best value nudist resort in the US and and affordably luxurious resort.

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

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