Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nudist colonies on TV show True Blood

What is more trendy on TV than nudists at nudist colonies? How about vampire nudists.

Yes, the TV show True Blood on HBO which is a vampire show, had one of its characters say to a police officer that his parents were naturists and lived in a nudist colony in Texas.

When the cop followed up with a call to the nudist colony, it showed baby boomer and older nudists. The phone conversation made the nudists appear very simple minded and not like something fun that a normal person would want to do.

The TV character told the cop that he was embarrassed that his parents were naturists.

Let's just say this show did not portray a good positive image of nudist resorts. I do have to say they did also use the word clothing optional, so that is catching on more in the mainstream world.

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