Sunday, July 19, 2009

European Sunbathing pools in Las Vegas are not the same as clothing optional resorts

We have had guests go to Las Vegas trying out their European style sunbathing pools thinking they will have the same experience as vacationing at our clothing optional resort, The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, California. They have nothing in common with nudist resorts.

We have been to 2 ourselves. What sets Las Vegas topless pools apart so much is the men way outnumber the women. So much so that many women are intimidated and do not go topless sunbathing. Another thing is they are very heavily drinking oriented as they make lots of money on drinks. One of the pools we were at was charging $15 for mojitos. And their beer and wine were way overpriced too.

On weekends, it is a major drunken party bash. Alcohol is flowing, girls are screaming, it is not a great place to relax. If you are looking for a frat party atmosphere, it is perfect, but not a romantic place for couples.

Finally, they have no shade unless you want to pay around $300 for cabanas. They haven't even invested in poolside misters or a salt water pool. We are a 17 room inn and we care about our guests and we invested in misters and pool umbrellas and salt water pool, but not Las Vegas topless pools. Those things don't make them money.

An Australian writer wrote for their big news organization about his experience at the European style topless sunbathing pools in Las Vegas:

"Party like a Las Vegas rock star

...Even though sunlight burns my bleary eyes and a jackhammer pounds my brain, a broad smile covers my face.

My hangover fades as I soak in my surroundings...

...Bare it all

The hedonism continues the next day at Bare at The Mirage.

Adult pool bars that allow topless sunbathing are all the rage in Vegas...

A surprisingly small pool is the focus of the venue...

VIP cabanas are elevated above the water, perfect for starlets to lie back on the comfy sofas and see all the competing posers.

I soon realise why the pool is so small the beautiful people come to be seen beside it rather than in it.

...Elevated above the pool, feet up in the cabana, sun shining on my face and enjoying the parade of half-naked women walking by.

Have I just stumbled into my adolescent fantasy?

Surely it can't get better than this? That's when a waitress in a baby-blue bikini brings me my mojito..."

Living like a rock star the partying, the food, the booze,... man, it's exhausting."

For the full article click here

Vegas expects the female guests to be the entertainment for the men like this Australian reporter. Some of the topless pools like the Rio have to hire topless dancers to topless sunbathe as they are so overwhelmed with men and so intimidating that no regular woman would ever feel comfortable topless sunbathing there.

So if you are a big time exhibitionist and love the attention of lots and lots and lots and lots of men, Las Vegas European style sunbathing pools are perfect for you to go around topless and shake it for all the boys.

Above is an ad for one of the topless pools in Vegas at a shopping mall.

If you are a regular woman who wants a nice romantic vacation experience and want to try topless or nude sunbathing, then come over to sunny Palm Springs, California only 280 miles from Las Vegas. Our resort is perfect.

Our resort is the most mainstream clothing optional resort in the US and is perfect for couples trying topless or nude sunbathing for the first time.

Even the company that published this article from Australia this month picked us as one of the 10 best nudist resorts in the world. We were the only one for couples that they picked in the US

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Rick said...

I used to spend time in Las Vegas in transit from Nellis to outlying sites in the desert and the city has never held any attraction for me. They have this uncanny ability to pervert everything they touch.