Friday, July 3, 2009

One of the reasons why topless bikinis are popular in Europe

A transplanted New Yorker writes about her experiences at a nude beach in Europe where she lives and why she prefers topless sunbathing.

"... ‘’La gente esta en pelotas,’’ were the first words out of my boyfriend’s mouth when he realized que estamos en una playa nudista (we were at a nude beach).

Neither of us cared but a warning would have been nice. I have seen and visited nude beaches before. I am not far from being nude myself when I go to the beach enjoying the European custom of going topless...

In the end it was like any other day at the beach... i also came to a few conclusions:

1. I prefer my man keep his package under wraps and only bare his paler bum to me.

2. Sand near my baby-making parts sounds rough

3. It is a pity to go stark naked when there so many fabulous options for beachwear."

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She made 2 observations. One, she was taken to a nude beach and didn't know in advance.

We have men from time to time call saying they want to surprise their wife/girlfriend by booking our resort. Bad move. Women NEVER want to be surprised by going to a nudist resort or nude beach. They want to know and to voice their own opinion to their boyfriend/spouse.

The other comment she made is "so many fabulous options for beachwear." Younger European women are just as susceptible to the clothing industries advertising as American women are.

We have many European guests stay with us and they say a lot of younger women in Europe these days will only go topless sunbathing not nude sunbathing as they want to make a "fashion statement" with their bottoms.

They don't wear bottoms due to modesty. They may wearing thong bikinis that cover as much as dental floss would at the beach, yet that small strip of fabric costing maybe $90 is a fashion statement for them.

Once the women mature into their 30's, then they start going nude sunbathing.

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