Friday, July 24, 2009

State of Alabama bans wine label showing famous 1895 poster of a nymph and bicycle

Americans think we live in the "land of the free. Think again where nudity is involved.

Here in California, San Onofre nude beach had been a well run nude beach for around 40 years. A previous California Parks Department head came up with the Cahill policy (named after him) and the nude beaches of California were ran smoothly.

In came a new head of the parks department who had a bee in her bonnet (or up a certain part of her anatomy) about nudity and wanted to shut down San Onofre beach last year. Nudists went to court and won at the local level. They then lost at the court of appeals. Now nudists are going to appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

Earlier this year, in Michigan, their alcohol control board outlawed Nude Beach Beer by Steven's Point Brewery of Wisconsin Click here for the nude beach beer story
The reason the Michigan liquor board banned it was the geniuses that run the Michigan Liquor control commission determined that the label may be "detrimental to your health" and thus needed to be banned. Now the beer inside the bottle was not considered detrimental. What is detrimental however is the thought that adults might enjoy themselves at a nude beach drinking beer.

Here's the story from Alabama:

"Alabama rules: If the nymph's naked, you can't buy that wine
In 1895, the French painter G. Massias produced this bicycle advertising poster (see above)... A wine with a label featuring the poster has been banned from sale in Alabama because it features a person "posed in an immodest or sensuous manner. Alabama's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board wants the Cycles Gladiator wine from California out of state stores and off their shelves because its label includes a small nude nymph...
Alabama's alcohol regulators are reminding stores in a warning notice that the beverage board last year ruled the label inappropriate, according to the newspaper.

For the full story click here

Many people commented on this story (120 people in less then 12 hours), almost all against the intrusion of "big brother." Many people rightly pointed out that this ban makes Alabama a laughing stock and looking like it's run by hicks. Sorry, it doesn't just make Alabama look bad, it makes all Americans look bad too.

America has a major problem with appointed politicians imposing their own personal agendas, versus doing what is right. And more and more our rights are being flushed away. we need to get a control over this political hacks before it is too late if it isn't already.

Tom Mulhall
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