Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nude Beach goers at San Onofre to get tickets after labor Day

So much for people thinking we live in a democracy here in California.

San Onofre nude beach has been a nude beach for almost 50 years. Then last year a dictator of "moral values" took over as the head (but obviously not brains) of the states Parks department. Obviously she has major issues with nudity and people enjoying themselves while nude sunbathing.

She declared San Onofre Nude Beach illegal to go nude sunbathing. Naturists sued. They won in the lower courts, but lost in the court of appeals. Now they are deciding whether to appeal to the California Supreme Court.

This is a very popular nude beach. It is the most popular one at the San Onofre area. In a poll that was on the San Clemente Times website (before the results were taken down) it was over 80% of people were in favor of the nude beach.

So much for us being a democracy. It's sad here in America that one nasty politician with power can undo 50 years of public use of a nude beach.

Here is the story:

"Bare beach goers at Trail 6 in San Onofre State Beach will get away with a warning through the summer.

State officials said they plan to educate the public at the traditionally clothing-optional beach about the new ban -- posting signs and verbally warning state park visitors through Labor Day weekend.

"After that time, appropriate enforcement action will be taken including citation and arrest if necessary," said Ken Kramer, district superintendent of the Orange Coast District. The citation fine is unclear because it's ultimately determined by the courts, Kramer said.

At the same time, a group of nudists who want to keep it clothing-optional at the 1,000-foot stretch of beach are considering appealing their case to the state's Supreme Court after they lost the latest legal wrangling...

"Apparently, they are happy to collect the significant revenue Trail 6 generates in day use fees," Baylis said of the citation delay...

Their decision overturned a lower court's decision in which an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled that the Cahill Policy is indeed a regulation and that state Department of Parks and Recreation violated procedure when they adopted a nudity ban without first seeking public feedback...

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It will be sad if it closes. We have many guests from the midwest and east coast come out here in the summer and spend Sunday nights thru Friday nights at our resort in Palm Springs and go to San Onofre on Saturday and Sunday to go nude sunbathing at the beach, so they can have a beach experience. Now they won't suffer as they will just spend the whole week at our resort, but there staying there I'm sure brought in a lot of revenue to that area as the nude beach is the post popular beach in that whole state park.

Too bad the idiots at the state Parks department don't open their eyes to see how Haulover Beach became the most popular beach in Miami because it is a nude beach. They could also look to Palm Springs where they would see that our nude resort, The Terra Cotta Inn has had the highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs in the summertime for over the last 10 years.

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