Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vote for nude sunbathing at San Onofre Nude Beach

As I have already mentioned, the California courts just rejected nudists attempts to keep San Onofre Beach, a nude beach, even though it has been in nude use for over 40 years.

Obviously, California has so much money that they can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate this. Further, San Onofre nude beach is the most inconvenient beach to go to (that's why it's a nude beach.) If it became a prude beach, no one would go to it and the state would miss out on lots of parking revenue.

San Onofre beach is right down the road by the town of San Clemente. The local paper there just printed a survey:

"Should nude bathing be allowed at a remote beach at San Onofre State Beach?"

Now is your chance to vote YES and let politicians know you want a nude beach.


Scroll down the page. The survey is on the left hand side.

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