Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day News- Only 57% of Americans are taking all of their earned vacation days off of work - Time for a Nakation

ABCnews reported that Americans are not taking enough vacation time off of work. They report that although Americans just about have the least amount of vacation time in the whole world, just 13 days compared to for example Italy with 42 days off, Spain 40, France with 37 days and Germany with 35, only 57% of Americans are taking all of their vacation days off of work.

The article states the reason American's don't take more vacation time off of work is they are afraid of losing their jobs.

But, if you read articles about Americans not having much vacation time, you will see 10 years ago experts were saying the same thing people are afraid for their jobs, I say it's a different reason Americans don't take more vacation time. It's because they haven't taken a nakation yet.

What's a nakation? It's a trade marked word from the American Association for Nude Recreation. It's a play on the words naked and vacation. Thus nakation.

The French, Italians, Germans, and Spanish all LOVE to take vacations at nudist resorts and nude beaches. They can't wait for their naked vacations. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Germans vacation at a nudist resort or nude beach each year.

And I know all American nude vacationers love their nude vacations too. They can't wait to go to their favorite nudist resorts or try new nude places. They all wish they had more vacation time off of work.

And nudist resort vacation in America are a fantastic value as MSNBC reported last November.

I say Americans don't take their full vacation time off of work because they're bored with their present vacations where they have to wear clothes. They're tired of big impersonal overpriced chain hotels, where they just sit around poolside being charged $10 to $15 for a weak cocktail or cheap glass of wine. If you go to one of these big boring chain hotels all you see poolside is everyone on their blackberries. You don't see lots of smiles or hear laughter except for the little kids running around screaming at the top of their lungs. Adults aren't having fun so they just don't use all their vacation time.

In a recent survey Career Builders found 79% of people spent considerable about of time on their pda's while on vacation (the other 21% must have been at a nude beach or nudist resort).

So, in my opinion, the reason Americans don't use all their vacation time is they've find many vacations boring and big hotels overpriced, so they just don't go. And they don't want to hang out at home because then they have to clean the garage, basement, attic, etc. So they just work.

Here's the story from ABCnews:

Americans Afraid to Take Full Vacations
Many Workers Worry About Losing Jobs in Bad Economy, Leaving Vacation Days Unused

...These days Americans are taking shorter trips -- mostly extended weekends -- and leaving a large chunk of their paid vacation days unused.

Americans already have fewer paid vacation days than their European counterparts, but now comes news that only 57 percent of people here are taking all of their vacation time.

"People are fearful for their jobs. They want to stay there and work but they also need the money," said John Wright, a senior vice president at the research firm Ipsos. "They don't want to miss out on anything at work because they don't want to fall behind or lose their job or something like that."...

Italy has the most vacation days, with the average worker there getting 42 paid days off, according to the World Tourism Organization. Next was France with 37 days, Germany with 35, Brazil at 34, the United Kingdom at 28, Canada with 26 and Korea and Japan both with 25. The United States was near the bottom of the list with the average worker getting 13 days off.

But even with those 13 days off, only 57 percent of Americans take them all. Eighty-nine percent of the French use all of their days off.

Kathleen E. Christensen, the founder of the Workplace, Work Force and Working Families program at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and author of the book "Workplace Flexibility: Realigning 20th-Century Jobs for a 21st-Century Workforce," says a lot of this is cultural...

"Certainly the United States economy has been suffering over the last several years. People are afraid of losing their jobs," she said. "There's the old adage: out of sight, out of mind."...

"I think people have to be not too short sighted when it comes to vacation," she said. People do have to take a break. People are typically more effective if they are more engaged in their work."

Wright noted that younger workers in America are more likely to use their full time off than older ones. And how about the boss? They are more likely to have plenty of days leftover at the end of the year."

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